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Pen Your Pride

A/N: This story is dedicated to AJ, Bex, C & Daisy, for their love, support, and for always being awesome.


“This morning we’re lucky enough to have two of the hottest stars on Australian TV with us. Please welcome Mackenzie Lauren and Ryan Moore!” 

It never seemed to matter how many of these interviews she did, Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Lauren always felt nervous when sitting down to talk about her work. She’d spent the majority of her time over the past few years in front of the camera, but this was different. She didn’t have a script telling her which questions Star Ellis, the Sunshine Mornings’ host was going to ask her. She did, however, have her friend and co-star, Ryan Moore, next to her.

At twenty-eight, Ryan was only five years older than she was, however he was infinitely more experienced and Mac took comfort in the fact they were being interviewed together. 

He laid his arm casually across the back of the couch they were sitting on and Mac felt herself start to relax. 

“Thanks for being here this morning,” Star said to them.

“It’s great to be here,” Ryan said.

“Thanks for having us,” Mac said.

“The season finale of Hart’s Valley airs this evening at eight-thirty on channel ten. The show has garnered a lot of attention in its first year,” Star said to them, “You’ve had a phenomenal first season, ratings wise, and the critics have praised both the writing and the acting consistently from day one. To what do you attribute the show’s success?”

“In all honesty,” Ryan said, “I think we’ve had some luck. I’ve never been on a show where things have just come together the way they have on Hart’s Valley. The writers, producers – the actors; everyone has gelled together really, really well.”

Mac nodded in agreement. The whole cast and crew looked out for each other, and since they had a season which lasted forty-two episodes, and they shot from January to November, it was just as well.

Star smiled and nodded. “Mackenzie, were you surprised when they announced Hart’s Valley had been picked up for a second season?”

Mac wasn’t surprised that the show had hit the right note with its audience. Named after the fictional town the show was set in, Hart’s Valley had it all; love, hate, lust, betrayal, and intrigue.

“We’ve really felt the love this season,” Mac said to her, “but of course you can never be one hundred percent sure of anything until it happens.”

“What about Brianna and Stone?” Star asked them. “Everyone wants to know if we’re going to see the two of them hook up in the season finale.”

“Do they?” Ryan asked, running his hand over his jaw. “I had no idea.”

Mac laughed at Ryan’s answer to the question they’d both been asked during so many interviews. Their Hart’s Valley characters were currently each other’s main love interest on the show and people were hanging out for them to put aside their scripted bickering and get together.

“Brianna still hasn’t forgotten that Stone blackmailed her to get the information he needed to take over her father’s company. She doesn’t trust him,” Mac answered about her character on Hart’s Valley. “But anything can happen in a season finale.”

“Mackenzie, I think you have one of the hardest jobs, having to pretend to resist this man on screen,” Star said to her.

“You’re right, Star. It is a tough job, but someone has to do it,” Mac deadpanned.

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