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Songs for the epilogue are:

Younger Now - Miley Cyrus

Hold Tight - Justin Bieber

Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve


Justin's POV

"Honey, I'm home!" I yell tauntingly into the echoing foyer.  The sounds of heels clacking against the marble flooring has me smirking, opening my arms for my girl to jump into.

"Where have you been, mister?"  Once she is in my line of sight, she crosses her arms over her chest. Her breasts deviously push together, causing my smirk to grow wider.

I take long strides towards her, "I was just getting my beautiful girl some flowers." I pull the bouquet out from behind my back. All hints of anger and suspicion vanish from her face as her eyes travel along the petals of the roses.

She gracefully takes the flowers into her hands, digging her nose to allow the smell to overcome her sense of smell. "You know I hate being alone in this house." She mutters.

I sigh, "I know baby, we can go home soon, I promise." I tell her, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead.

We have been living in Canada for about two months ever since we left New York. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but I miss my old house, and so does Brooke. She was slightly upset that she had to drop out of school - for obvious reasons - but I knew it will be no bother in the future, considering it allows her to spend even more time with me.

Brooke says that she wants to wait until we return to New York to get married, which I sadly agreed to. I wanted to marry her the second we stepped foot in Canada, but she said it would be more meaningful to bound ourselves together in the city where we met. Regardless of the lack of marriage, she still loves me more than ever. She clings onto me every second of the day, and I drink in her attention like a thirsty gazelle at a watering hole. She despises being alone in the unfamiliar country, which is completely understandable. I try to keep her wrapped around my waist at all times, but today, I had to run out to buy flowers to start the evening off right.

"My mom called, she's not very happy with you, y'know." Brooke raises her eyebrow at me.

I roll my eyes, "When was she ever happy with me?"

"She started to like you, and you fucked it up." She points a finger at me.

I grip her waist, pulling her into my chest. "Hm, such an ugly mouth on such a pretty girl." I press a kiss to the side of your mouth, "You know what happens to ugly mouths."

Brooke smirks, not intimidated by me at all. "You may have to remind me, baby." God, she's so fucking sexy.

"I'm not a baby, only you're my baby." I kiss her lips sweetly, trying to get my mind off of my throbbing dick. Sadly, my plan for today doesn't include time for fucking before, my cock will have to wait until after. "Come, sweetheart, we're going out."

I walk to the closet and pull a pair of her heels. She frowns, "Where are we going?" She stands in place. "I have to change." She quickly turns and sprints up the stairs. I huff, trudging behind her.

"Princess, you look beautiful regardless of what you're wearing." I praise her honestly. She doesn't believe me when I say it, but I know she loves to hear it. "You could wear a garbage bag-" I shut my mouth the second I step into our room. Brooke threw herself in the tightest, sexiest, sparkly black dress I have ever seen. I gulp down a wad of saliva, glancing at my watch. How fast can I fuck this girl? "Fuck," I whisper under my breath, however she definitely hears me, because she looks at me over her shoulder, a sultry grin adorning her plump lips. I feel my dick throbbing as I view her. Her breasts push together making me want to sink my teeth into them. Her long, tanned legs flex as she stands in tall heels as she turned, viewing herself in the mirror.

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