Christmas Special

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Character: Natsu
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"Y/n-chan?" Lucy asks as I hum slightly. "Can you tell me who you got for the exchange gift?" She asks curiously as I hand her a small paper.

"You got Natsu?" She says as she giggles seeing what he wanted for Christmas. "He wants a whole buffet table?" She laughs as everyone stares. "I know... And it's stressing me out cuz that would cost me a lot and we cant choose anything else other than the things they wanted. And this guy got nothing else on his mind but a buffet." I sighed putting my face on my palms.

"Don't worry....I already got a gift for Erza and I still have a few left..." She offers as I look st her. "Thank you Lucy, but I don't want to take your-" I was cut off by Lucy dragging me out of the guild.

"Don't worry! It's completely fine." She says as she stops dragging me. "Thanks.." I say as I put a hand on her shoulder. "You're Welcome..."

"Happy!!!" I shout running after my Exceed. "C'mon! We have to buy a gift for her!!!" He says flying off again. "HEY!! WAIT FOR ME HAPPY!!!"
"Ummm... This is a lot of food you guys..." Mira says taking the food from us. "Well this dude wanted it... I can't deny it..." I mumble crumpling the piece of paper and shooting it straight onto the bin.

"HEY GUYS!! WHO HAS WRAPPING PAPER?!" Natsu burst through the doors with a (Full series of a book you want this christmas) in hand. "Isn't that what you asked for?" Mira whispers in my ear.

Those books that he was holding... Was the whole series I've been wanting to buy. "I doubt it's for me though.. It could be Levy for all we know wanting the same series as me." I explain as Erza hands him the wrapping paper.

Watching him wrap the present was certainly entertaining. And it was funny to see him struggle at something so simple.

Eventually, night came and I was walking to the guild when I saw the gates open a few blocks away. The music blasted louder as I got closer. Entering the guild, everyone was surely having fun. Juvia was dancing with Lucy, Gajeel was on the karaoke, Cana was drinking and talking with Gildarts and Laxus. (Pretend he was there to celebrate the party with everyone even tho he got kicked out)

Natsu and Gray were fighting while Erza tried to pry them off of eachother, the exceeds (Along with yours) were talking on the bar with Mira taking care of them.

I came down from the top of the stairs as my (heels, boots, sneakers) clicked on the wood. I approached Gray and Natsu and easily pried them off.
Their insults came back and fort as the while guild stared. Then, sudden screams came. "What the?" Natsu says as he looks up. He taps me on the shoulders, looking up as well...

Erza held the mistletoe on top of us and smirked. I felt someone grao my collar and drag me to them. Natsu's hands went from my collar to my neck, to my waist. I placed my hands on his neck. "Merry Christmas..."

We both greeted as he hands me my gift. "Where's my gift though?" He asks as I point at the buffet table as he leaves me with an irk mark.


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