Forever and Always

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I shout after Gray. "Love you!!!" I shout as soon as he turns around and I slam my door getting back inside.
"Y/n, you made me the happiest man alive. I can't imagine a life without you by my side. So, here I am wanting to ask you. Would you be willing to live with me in our own home, with our own family, and be my loving wife forever?" He says as my eyes fill with tears. I jump on him and scream a "Yes".
"Will you, Y/n L/n, take Gray Fullbuster as your lovely wedded husband?"

"I do."

"And will you, Gray Fullbuster, take Y/n L/n as your lovely wife?"

"I do."

"You may now kiss the bride."
The priest says as Gray lifts my veil and grabs my waist kissing me pationately.
"I love you Gray."
"I Love you too."
I say.
"And always."
He finishes.
"Gray! Watch out!" I say as I push him out of the way of the attack. I stand there able to do nothing. I hear Gray's faint cry. As I plunged into the cold, lonely, darkness.
"I'm so sorry Y/n."
"Daddy?" Gray's daughter asks as he only stared down at a grave. "Was she my Mommy?" She asks, visible that she was about to burst into tears. "She was..." He says as he grabs his daughter's hand and heads back to their home.

But a ghost stood in front of them. His daughter stops and points at the woman. "Daddy!" She shouts as Gray lifts his head and witness the spirit of his dead wife. "Y/n?" He asks. She nods and whispers a faint sentence that Gray only heard. "I love you both..." she says.

"Forever and always..." He finishes.

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