"I still can't believe you came to my concert!"

"Well, you have to believe it." I laughed.

Yeah. I was laughing with Justin Bieber. Someone I thought I would loathe for the rest of my life. After my little drama queen moment, I let J explain everything right from the start. I still don't know how it all happened did. It's unbelievable!

"You know what? I don't have to ask for your email ID." he smirked.

"Why...? Oh yeah." I blushed as I remembered the first time I ever chatted with him on MSN unknowingly.

"...and I met you backstage. And your friend. Anne right?"

"Yeah. She's not gonna like it when I tell her that I'm best friends with you."

"So we're back to being best friends huh?" he asked me.

We were sitting down next to each other in the park. The little kids and their mothers had gone home. It was slowly getting darker and the sun was setting in front of us.

"Yeah...I guess." I shrugged and replied.

"Good, 'cause I missed you." he said genuinely and side-hugged me. Tingles shot through my body wherever he touched.

"Yeah, I missed you too. Even when I thought that you were the devil incarnate himself, I still cried myself to sleep thinking about the times when we used to be attached at the hips."

He hugged me tighter and rubbed my shoulder. He used to do this when I was little. His little comforting gesture.

"I could say that about myself too. I used to be so depressed that mom almost took me to a psychiatrist." he laughed.

I laughed too. "I bet more that a billion girls would kill to be in this position. I guess I should consider myself to be extremely lucky."

"You should." he then sighed."Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to do this? It feels like a century has passed since I've seen you."

"Tell me about it."

I suddenly realised that it was getting dark and mom would be home any time now. I quickly glanced at my watch.

"Oh crap! I have to go. Mom is gonna kill me if she knows I went out."

"How is she? It's been a long time...I bet she hates me."

I hesitated. How could I tell him that my mom vowed that the next time she'll see him, she would kill him?

"'s not that. She was angry at you only 'cause I was depressed. And now I'm happy!" I smiled and got up. I dusted off some grass that was stuck to my shirt.

"Anne tried calling you a million times when you guys exchanged numbers." I told him.

"I know. But I understood that she was more of the screaming fan type so I wasn't allowed to pick up those calls. All calls are actually screened and then given to me for answering."

"Oh." I sighed. I didn't wanna leave now. Right when we had become friends. That's just plain unfair. "Anne is not gonna stop yelling at me for keeping a secret from her."

"What secret?" he asked.

"About you being my childhood best friend and now meeting you." I explained.

"Wait, so you never told anyone about us?"

"You really think so? Besides, I was mad at you at that time and wanted to forget everything about you. But I still have my bracelet that you gave me."

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