Goodbye Kid Danger

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Hey guys, I know I haven't updated any of my stories. You don't realize how difficult second semester at college could be. But I have about two more weeks left so that's good. Anyways, here's the new chapter.


Four Months Earlier

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am deeply upset to have to inform you, but it's time to say goodbye to Kid Danger . . . and hello to Teen Danger!" The Swellview anchorman announces to the viewers. A recent picture of the newly addressed Teen Danger appears on the screen and the anchorman continues. "Yes, Swellview's favorite sidekick has officially changed his title from young fledgling Kid Danger to the Incredible Teen Danger.  So what's new for Teen Danger? Will he possibly be replacing Captain Man as Swellview's new savior?"

Ray Manchester switches the channel off and runs his fingers through his black hair. Sometimes the news would annoy him over small things like this. He allowed Henry to change his name to Teen Danger and everybody loose it.

"The media is insane," he says to himself.

"Why?" A voice startles the man. Behind him was Schwoz, who was tinkering with a new gadget of his.

Ray rolls his eyes. "Schwoz, I've told you not to stand behind me like that."

"I am just curious as to why you are upset about thee media."

The taller man admits to his old friend, "Because I agreed to let Henry change his name to Teen Danger and everybody's making this big deal out of it. They even think he's gonna replace me."

"Henry can never replace you, Ray. You are Captain Man." Schwoz tries to make him feel better, but manages to mess it up. "Although I see a few of your grey hairs."

He snaps back to the smaller man. "Schwoz, I don't have any -- Wait, I do?" Ray switches on the camera on the screen and scans through the top of his head.

Though he wouldn't admit it to anyone, Ray is close to being forty and he's been getting tired lately. It was only a couple of months ago that he discovered a few grey hair at the top of his scalp. Ray ignored it for awhile until somebody on Twitter posts a picture of Captain Man and points out his grey hair. That day, Ray Manchester went to the nearest store to purchase black hair dye. Since then, Ray has been dying his hair to keep his youthful appearance. The only person who knew was Schwoz, Henry, Charlotte, and Jasper.

"Dang it." He mutters to himself. "That means I have to color my hair again."

"Ray, you've coloring your hair every three weeks. Maybe you should give it a rest."

Insecure about his age and appearance, Ray quickly rejects Schwoz's proposal. "Hey, I don't want people seeing my grey hairs. I can't let them not how much older I'm getting."

"Oh, come on. They can't tell by your hair. It's mostly your wrinkles that throws everybody off." Schwoz bluntly tells him.

Before Ray could have a chance to defend himself, the elevator opens. Henry, Jasper, and Charlotte appear and greeted the older men in the Man Cave.

"Hey, Ray. "


Ray sprints over to the kids and demanded, "You guys don't see my grey hairs, right?"

"No." They all nodded, confused by their boss's question.

"What about my wrinkles?"

"I don't see any wrinkles," Jasper innocently answers.

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