How Did I Get Here?

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The downtown area of Swellview used to be filled with simple stores, artsy cafes, good people, and anything normal. Now it was nightmare.

Streets were filled with empty cars wrecked into each other, small fires, broken glass, and blood. It was like a scene in superhero movie where the villian manages to destroy half the city. Only worse is that this was real. This was a movie or a comic book; this was real life.

Henry Hart laid there on the street with one eye open and another eye swollen shut. His ears were ringing and he lost most of his consciousness.

As he kept still on the ground, Henry shakily turns to his right to see Charlotte being pinned down by two strong men. Close by her were Jasper and Schwoz taking every possible target with Schwoz's new weapons, but it was overwhelming for the both of them.

The blonde than turn to the left and finds his boss, Captain Man fighting against a tall, redheaded women. When it seemed like he had the upper hand, the woman waved her hand towards him and Captain Man slammed against a brick wall of a building. Suddenly, the brick wall absorbs and traps Captain Man into the wall.

Henry didn't want this. All he wanted a job and to protect the innocent citizens of Swellview. Now look where he was. He knew being a sidekick wasn't all fun and games, but he never expected something like this to happen.

Before anything else could happen, a strong force stomped on the boy's chest. Henry lets out a brutal cough as a mysterious person puts more pressure on their foot, which was hurting Henry's chest.

No, it wasn't just anybody. It was Drex.

Drex leans over and he applies more pressure on Henry's chest. The criminal then rips off the Henry's mask and finally reveals the boy behind the mask.

"Every hero reaches the end of their journey," Drex hisses at him. "Yours is just sooner than others."

How did Henry Hart end up here? Where did it all start? Well, it started like this.

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