Chapter 2 - The bet

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I groaned. I meant to do it in my head but it accidentally went out of my mouth. I rubbed my forehead and sighed. Guess today was gonna be horrible. Louis can't even save me now.

I stared at Louis to get his attention but he didn't give me the time of day. He was to busy talking to his partner. I could hear footsteps behind me and the hairs on the back of my neck stiffened.

"Hey partner." I turned around to see Aiden standing there. Even though I basically hated his guts he was a good looking guy. I'm not gay but even straight guys can tell if another's hot.

Aiden was wearing black basketball shorts and a over sized tank top. He had messy hair and hazel eyes. I realized I was staring too long.

"H-Hi." I squeaked. Aiden patted me on the back real hard.

"We're gonna have fun together aren't we." He winked at me. Why did Aiden wink at me? Maybe his eye was itchy. Whatever, doesn't concern me. All I did was nod my head up and down

. I dragged my feet over to the starting line. We were racing against another group. I put my foot on the white line an leaned in position. Aiden did the same thing. In a matter of seconds I heard somebody count down then a gun shot.

I started to run. I picked up the pace and was halfway done when Aiden passed me like it was nothing. Only a couple seconds behind and I crossed the finish line. Aidens group of friends came and congratulated him for getting first place.

Louis congratulated me for getting second with a pat on the back. Aiden and I won the first race. Now it was time for the second one. We both got into our positions and once we heard the shot we sprinted off to victory again. Our last match was against our partners. Oh how wonderful, I get to lose against Aiden.

Aiden came up to me and put his arm on my shoulder wrapping it around me. I could feel the hot breath on my neck. He leaned next to my ear. "Wanna make a bet?" He whispered.

I froze. What type of bet? What will I have to do? What if I loose? What will happen?

"Oh stop worrying ya weirdo." He complained. "It's a simple bet. I win, you do what I want, you win, I do what you want." He smiled. That's the first time he smiled at me in my whole life.

We got into starting positions and I was about to worry. I don't want to loose, Aiden will probally make me his personal slave or something like that for the rest of my life.

Once I heard the shot I dashed off as quickly as possible trying to beat Aiden. I started off strong, Aiden was right behind me. I looked backwards and watched him slightly. He made everything seem like effortless. I could hear his heavy breathing, I'm sure he could hear my deathly breathing. In a matter of seconds Aiden caught up right next to me and we were running together. I could see the finish line.

Aiden kept slightly running into me. He did the unthinkable. While he was running inches away from me he slapped my butt. Hard. I squealed and tumbled over. Aiden laughed and ran ahead into the finish line that was right in front of us. Typically bully, always trying to cause me to get hurt. He crossed the white line and claimed first place. I, on the other hand, am on the ground. My legs all cut up and bleeding.

The pain was terrible but not as bad like when I get beatings. I tried to lift myself up but couldn't. Help was running towards me. I could see Louis with a worried face, along with others. I'm surprised I could even get that much attention.

The gym teacher came over and crouched down towards me. "You alright, kid?" He asked. I could only nod my head. I felt a little lightheaded. "Hey! Someone get this kid to the infirmary!" The teacher yelled towards the kids. The closest person next to me just happened to be Aiden.

Aiden picked me up, putting his hands through my legs. Why was he carrying me princess style. I groaned out loud and tried to wiggle out of his grasp. "Shut up and put your arms around my neck." Aiden snapped. I put my hands on his shoulders. They were so broad and musclier. Aiden frowned. "Ethan, I said my neck." I groaned once more and followed his orders. I placed my arms around his neck and locked my fingers.

Aiden kept walking. I felt even dizzier so I put my head on his shoulders. This was probably a bad move but I couldn't keep my head up anymore. We were almost to the nurses office when I passed out. Wow, did I seriously pass out in Aidens arms? I mentally hit myself on the forehead.

When I woke up I was on a white bed, there was a curtain around me and a mysterious body sitting next to me with it's head on the bed. I attempted to sit up and fix my messy clothes but because of the person I couldn't move much. I tugged the person on the shoulder slightly. It groaned. More like, he groaned. I tugged slightly harder. "Stopp.." he grumbled.

I knew who it was. "Aiden, get off me." I hissed. I pushed him harder and he flung off the bed and onto the ground.

"SHIT!" He yelled.

"I-I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean to-" Aiden cut me off when he slammed his hands on the bed. My eyes thinned in fear. Don't hit me, don't hit me. I kept thinking to myself.

"I'm not going to hit you." Aiden said.

My eyes opened slightly. "What?" I whispered.
"I said, I'm not going to hit you!" Aiden yelled. I flinched a little. How did he know what I was thinking? "You talk out loud." He said. All I did was nod my head and sit there, this time I made sure not to think anything.

After a couple moments of silence, Aiden spoke up. "What about our bet?" He smirked.
What bet? I pondered on it for a little bit.

"Ohhh, yeah. Right, about that-" Aiden cut me inturrupted me again, but this time instead of talking he moved closer to me. He placed both hands on the sides of my head and hopped onto the bed. He hovered over me and sat on me. He locked his legs around my waist tightly and sat up slightly.

I was trapped. Oh god, what was he going to do to me! Aiden was straddling me! I wiggled and tried to get out but when I moved he only tightened his lock on me. I used my arms and attempted to push him off but he grabed them and held them above my head. I was litterally stuck!


Aiden yelled back "SHUT UP! I'M NOT EVEN HURTING YOU!" I stopped yelling, I guess he was right, he wasn't hurting me but come on! When you have your worst nightmare sitting on your waist it's kind of scary.

"What do you want!" I gulped.

"I won the bet, so I'm getting what I want." Aiden sat up and let go of my hands. He placed his hands on my sides and rubbed his thumbs in small circles.

"Fine, what do you want, since you won." I said and Aiden smiled. Again, with his smiles. Why am I seeing them so frequently? Aiden leaned in towards me and got dangerously close to my face. He then turned his head and headed towards my neck. What was he doing?

I felt something warm and incredibly soft on my skin. It was almost like a kiss. A slight kiss. Another one was made but slighty different, a little more agressive. It felt really good. Aidens thumbs moved slightly faster and his breathing changed a little. I could feel something poke me a little, bit I ignored it. I placed my hands on his stomach and unconsciously tried to get him closer to me. Aiden growled. Aiden kept kissing my neck slowly and then more aggressively. Alternating between each kiss. Then he bit me. HE BIT ME!

"S-Seriously! You're giving me a h-hickey?!" I nearly said in one sentence. Aiden sucked my neck harder and bit once more. I almost let out a gasp. While he kissed my neck for the last time his thumbs came to a slow stop and his breathing slowed down slightly. He backed his hands off of my body and placed them on his thighs. All his weight was on my hips, and boy was he heavy. Aiden got off me slowly, his face was red. He fixed his shorts and straightened his shirt.

"Well, that was fun." He smirked. "Let's have another bet soon, kay?"

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