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Voice of the Sky: The whole room is dark. A single spotlight shines on Avery and a mic is lowered from the ceiling and the crazy girl speaks.....

Avery: HERRRRROOOOOO TTTTHHHHEEERRRREEEEE!!!! My name is Avery and I bare a warning. The things you are about to read, witness, even hear may cause you to erupt into fangirlingness or maybe even make your ovaries (if you are a girl creature) explode! So please sta-

Zayn: Vas happenin? It's dark!

Liam: If only I had my flashing toothbrush!

Avery: *facepalm*

*the lights turn on, revealing One Direction tied up in chairs*

Avery: I was doing the intro! You don't interrupt the intro!

Louis: Well sooorrrrry! *attempts to snap fingers in a Z formation but fails due to rope*

Niall: Louis! Now is no time to be a diva!

Harry: He can't help it Nialler he was born a sassmaster!

Liam: What are we doing here anyways?

Avery: You guys are in *BLEEP* also known as secret location! You are going to be performing dares for our lovely readers! Huzzah!

Harry: What?

Avery: No I meant huzzah! Not Hazza! There's a difference!

Harry: Well excuse me if I don't speak Ye Olde Timey talk.

Zayn: Wait there are people watching? I need a mirror! My hair has to look perfect! I demand you untie me!

Avery: Fine! Llama untie them!

*my pet alpaca comes out and eats the rope*

Liam: Isn't that an alpaca?

Avery: Uh yeah. I've got a pet alpaca named Llama! Got a problem with it?

Liam: Nooooooo.....

Avery: Good! So yeah I started one of these Truth or Dare things again and I captured One Direction! (You people should be thanking me do you have any idea how hard that is?!)

Niall: The Nialler is hungry! Needs food!

Avery: Well yeah submit dares and truths and things! Now may be your only time to torture One Direction!

Louis: Torture? Did you say torture?

Avery: No... I said.... Oh look Kevin!

Louis: WHERE!!?

Avery: Submit dares and truths please!

Zayn: Wait if we're going to be tortured can we at least have an example of what the dares or truths might be like?

Liam: *facepalm* Zayn? Why?

Avery: Alright! Hmmm who to choose...

Harry: Choose me! Choose me! *waves his hand around slapping Niall in the face*

Niall: Ouch Harry! That really hurt!

Avery: Liam!

Harry: Aww *pouts*

Avery: In Video Diary week 4 you said that you would want to bathe in icing sugar correct?

Liam: ...Yes...

Avery: I dare you to bathe in icing sugar!

Niall: *bursts out laughing*

Avery: *waves wand and bath tub appears* Go on! It's nice and icing sugary!

Liam: But you're a girl

Avery: Oh yeah you need to get 'naked'! *turns around*

Liam: *censored*

Avery: Sorry guys! Now Liam nakedness for you!

Liam: Aaaahhh! It's so sticky!

Harry: Do you feel like a jelly donut?

Louis: Harry! Shush! What if Niall eats him!

Zayn: *taking selfies of himself because he can*

Liam: Urgh that was horrible *now fully clothed*

Avery: *turns around* *dies laughing*

Liam: I have icing sugar in places where icing sugar should never go..

Niall: Wait so what would happen if you farted? Would it just create a puff of smoke?

Avery: *rolls on the floor laughing* Leave Dares and Truths below! *struggles to stand up*


So ask them anything you want guys! I'll make them do anything! As long as it isn't too sexual. I don't want to get sued! I'm just a girl who likes writing randomness! By the way don't believe anything that is said from this fanfic unless you know it is true by your knowledge and other people's.

I don't own One Direction! That would be way to awesome. However I do own all the dialogue and myself so there you have it! 

Please leave dares and truths down below! I'll give you an imaginary cookie! It tastes like rainbows and unicorns!

(Fact: I Falcon Punched the publish button...)

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