Voice of the Sky: The whole room is dark. A single spotlight shines on Avery and a mic is lowered from the ceiling and the crazy girl speaks.....

Avery: HERRRRROOOOOO TTTTHHHHEEERRRREEEEE!!!! My name is Avery and I bare a warning. The things you are about to read, witness, even hear may cause you to erupt into fangirlingness or maybe even make your ovaries (if you are a girl creature) explode! So please sta-

Zayn: Vas happenin? It's dark!

Liam: If only I had my flashing toothbrush!

Avery: *facepalm*

*the lights turn on, revealing One Direction tied up in chairs*

Avery: I was doing the intro! You don't interrupt the intro!

Louis: Well sooorrrrry! *attempts to snap fingers in a Z formation but fails due to rope*

Niall: Louis! Now is no time to be a diva!

Harry: He can't help it Nialler he was born a sassmaster!

Liam: What are we doing here anyways?

Avery: You guys are in *BLEEP* also known as secret location! You are going to be performing dares for our lovely readers! Huzzah!

Harry: What?

Avery: No I meant huzzah! Not Hazza! There's a difference!

Harry: Well excuse me if I don't speak Ye Olde Timey talk.

Zayn: Wait there are people watching? I need a mirror! My hair has to look perfect! I demand you untie me!

Avery: Fine! Llama untie them!

*my pet alpaca comes out and eats the rope*

Liam: Isn't that an alpaca?

Avery: Uh yeah. I've got a pet alpaca named Llama! Got a problem with it?

Liam: Nooooooo.....

Avery: Good! So yeah I started one of these Truth or Dare things again and I captured One Direction! (You people should be thanking me do you have any idea how hard that is?!)

Niall: The Nialler is hungry! Needs food!

Avery: Well yeah submit dares and truths and things! Now may be your only time to torture One Direction!

Louis: Torture? Did you say torture?

Avery: No... I said.... Oh look Kevin!

Louis: WHERE!!?

Avery: Submit dares and truths please!

Zayn: Wait if we're going to be tortured can we at least have an example of what the dares or truths might be like?

Liam: *facepalm* Zayn? Why?

Avery: Alright! Hmmm who to choose...

Harry: Choose me! Choose me! *waves his hand around slapping Niall in the face*

Niall: Ouch Harry! That really hurt!

Avery: Liam!

Harry: Aww *pouts*

Avery: In Video Diary week 4 you said that you would want to bathe in icing sugar correct?

Liam: ...Yes...

Avery: I dare you to bathe in icing sugar!

Niall: *bursts out laughing*

Avery: *waves wand and bath tub appears* Go on! It's nice and icing sugary!