The Task

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      Young Tomás de Léon got his calling at a young age, after witnessing his mother's murder by his own father's hand."Mámá!", he screamed in agony, as he watched blood gushing from his mother's slit throat.
    It was a horrific scene, one that would forever haunt Tomás's mind. His father noticed him partially hidden and turned the bloodstained  swingblade towards him, the manic, chaotic look in his eyes demonic. Tomàs thought it would be the end for him, and grabbed the crucifix around his neck.
    "Please protect me, Lord", he exclaimed, forcing himself to be  ready to face whatever came his way. He held his cross tightly, his muscular arms tightening as he gripped. Something in Tomás made his father stop, and it seemed as if something came out of him, making him look like himself again. Ashamed at what he had done to his beloved, Tomás's father took his own life, slashing his own throat. "Pápá!, he cried, stricken with the double misery of losing both parents. Tomás vowed to become a priest and avenge his parents from the demons who possessed his father.

     Tomás grew into a tender man, sinewy and strong, handsome and pure. As quiet and reserved as he was sexy and mysterious, Tomás was set on serving his life out to rid the world of demons. When the church assigned him a special case of possession, he went in with confidence, but was hardly prepared to deal with the level of demon he was facing. He couldn't believe his ears when the Monsignor informed him that he would have to seek the help of a known witch, the enemy he had been warned about since he was a youth.
    "Have you gone mad? You want me to beg for help from a witch?", Tomás argued with the church. "Father Tomás, we do not like it ourselves, but this woman is the only person who's known to have survived such demonic forces! Only she can help us! Only she knows the level of demon we're dealing with!", exclaimed the monsignor, exasperated. "You must seek her out and bring her here!"
   And so, Tomás boarded a plane and headed for Central Louisiana, seeking out Hesmene, a fire witch whom studied the Dark Arts, and the darkness, for that matter. Hesmene's power and magic was based on use of fire, bloodletting, and sex magic, plus the knowledge gained from surviving horrific demonic attacks, the demons attracted to her power. "Remember, you're faith must be strong around this succubus, Tomás! It will try to seduce you and defile you!", the Monsignor had warned.
   "Are you speaking of the demon or the witch?" asked Tomás. "I will do what I need to.", he said. Tomás wasn't one to be biased, but from the little he knew about actual witches, he believed them to be dangerous spinster hags, and was prepared to meet such. He would know how to handle her.
     Father Tomás stood solemnly before Hesmene's closed wooden door. He took in the purple hue of the paint around her door frame, and the illustrious deep purple color of her door. Before he knew what was happening, the door opened and there stood an attractive woman, not old, but neither young. She had a wild look about her, and she had piercing eyes that seem to pull.
     "Father Tomás, I presume?", she asked. Tomás couldn't help but stare her up and down, taking in all of this so-called witch. "Yes, I am. Father Tomás de Léon", he replied, swallowing hard. Here stood the most sexiest woman Tomás had ever seen, a far cry from the hag he had expected to find. There was just something about her darkness that was sexy and alluring; mysterious, exotic. Her brownish-red skin had a glow about her, and she wore the fashions of the wench, tight bodice boasting beautifully round tops of her breasts, promising paradise if one ventured into them.
   Tomás found himself unable to think straight. He was there to convince this woman to accompany him back to Rome, and here he was, allowing the carnal desire inside of him to grow. "My name is Hesmene! Please, come inside!", she said, welcoming Father Tomás into her home. As soon as Tomás crossed the threshold, he felt something stir deep inside of him, a foreign feeling, but a feeling so unique and unknown to him that he liked it.
    Once inside, Tomás spoke to Hesmene, and over mugs of chocolat, he told her everything about the demonic case. "This one is so strong! It feeds like you wouldn't believe!", he exclaimed. Hesmene sat across from Father Tomás and listened. She couldn't help but notice how absolutely delicious handsome Father Tomás was, and eyed him coyly. "The church would like your help with this case. Will you come?", asked Tomás. Oh, I'll come, Hesmene thought naughtily to herself. She agreed, much to Father Tomás's relief.
     Tomás sat on her sofa as Hesmene packed what she would need. He looked around at the various artifacts and curious goods that filled Hesmene's home with wonder and intrigue. When she returned to the living room, ready, Father Tomás was taken back by her allure and assurance. "I will do everything I can to stop the demonic presences" she said, staring him in the eyes, "even though your precious church sees me as the enemy!", she said. Tomás admired Hesmene's confidence, as well as her fire. Tomás felt his nether regions stir, the heady feeling too much for him.
   "Are you okay, Father?", Hesmene asked, reaching for him. Tomàs  eyed Hesmene warily, pulling away as if she were contagious. "I am fine", he gave, without feeling. Hesmene winced a little, picking up on the obvious sting. She picked up her bags and walked out of her home, uttering some sort of prayer under her breath. Tomás was surprised to hear the witch's prayer, and walked out behind her, trying hard not to look down into Hesmene's bosom as she locked her door.
    During the first-class flight back to Rome, Hesmene seemed tense, for she had a fear of high places, and looked almost pale with worry. Father Tomás felt bad for her, and his concern got the best of him. "Is there anything I can do?", he asked. "Just keep the whiskey coming!", exclaimed Hesmene, drinking herself unnervous.
   During their next excursion, a train ride into Rome, Hesmene seemed a little more at ease. They sat across from each other in the dining car, looking at each other, Hesmene attempting to smile at Father Tomás. He watched her lips and neck closely, mouth watering, his eyes wandering to her ample cleavage. Tomás thought her skin looked so soft there, all he could think of was finding out for himself.
   Hesmene eyed Father Tomás, lusting after the priest. He was tall, dark featured, and absolutely handsome, his grizzly but neat five o'clock shadow ultra sexy. Hesmene noticed him staring at her chest, and she wondered what the good priest would do if she would reveal her breasts to show him what he was doing to her nipples, which had hardened from his stares.
    When they arrived at the church, the Monsignor met with the two of them, surprised at Hesmene's appearance. She had wisely covered up and made herself decent, surprising Tomás. He secretly enjoyed looking at Hesmene, despite the fact she was considered the church's ultimate enemy. The Monsignor explained everything about the case of Sesaly Bruit, the young girl whose body was hosting the demon. Hesmene listened closely, the wheels in her head turning.
    Father Tomás was assigned the task of showing Hesmene to her sleeping quarters. After seeing her settled in, Tomás seemed reluctant to part ways. "Please, Father, stay with me a little longer", asked Hesmene, holding onto his hand. Tomás felt desire like no other as he stood before the witch, looking down into her eyes. "I do not think it appropriate", he replied, denying himself. Father Tomás took his leave, going to his own quarters, the heat inside of him coming to a full boil.

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