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The events of this book happened before the book "Her Body" and it can be read separately. This is about the Academy life of Kael Maddox, who, if you read the first book, is the princess Paris' guardian.

This book contains some sexual and explicit scenes that are not suitable for very young readers. The sex scenes are between two consenting adult women, so if this bothers you, read no further.

This book also contains scenes which may make some viewers uncomfortable. If gore and blood isn't your thing, again, please feel free to read no further.

A U T H O R ' S N O T E

Hello! I'm Baster and welcome to the book that has been stuck in my head for years. I hope you enjoy this just as I have writing it. This is again, surprisingly, lesbian-themed. I usually write books with boy and girl protagonists but lately I guess I've been finding lgbt books quite sweet. As mentioned above, this book will have sex and blood. Lots of it. Again, if it makes you uncomfortable, I totally understand.

Also, one thing different about this book is that the words with definitions are in German. So hello to the Germans out there! I love you guys!

Thank you for taking the time to read my book! Ciao.

P.S, Kael is actually pronounced as "kah-el" and not like kale the vegetable

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