Confession, Rejection

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Hi! I can certainly try my best!

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Hi! I can certainly try my best!

1. B:"What did you think was gonna happen? You'd confess, then Id confess and we'd kiss and live happily ever after? Yeah, Right"

2. A:"I... I love you..."
B:"That's disgusting."

3. B: "Did you really think some half-assed, 20 dollar budget hallmark movie confession speech would impress me? You're pathetic"

4. B:"This isnt some cheesy Friday night cheesy rom-com special. This isnt a Disney movie, and it's not some sad harlequin romance novel. Just because you love me, does not mean I have to love you back."

5. B: "No. Just; No."

Now, here's just a little tip: The longer you make the confession speech, the more beautiful and heart you make it, the more pressure you put on the character in love to confess, the more it hurts when they are rejected. Naturally, the audience wants to root for the person in love, because that feeling is something most people relate to. Rejection is a universal feeling, everyone knows it. So the more you get are hopes up, the harder it hurts when they fail. Also. the more contrast of the rejection is really important. If your character has a very simple, but heartfelt confession that just says 'I love you', then give the other character more to say. The more complicated the rejection in comparison to a short and simple confession, the more it hurts. Likewise, if you give your in love character some huge, emotional confession speech where they pour their heart and soul out, its so much more dramatic if the other just says 'No.' I promise you that the use in contrast for the confession and rejection works wonders. If one is long and heartfelt and extremely emotional, then make the other short and simple and to the point.

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