Peter Ivers

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Peter Ivers was another big name in American entertainment whose death remains a mystery. Known for his position as an American musician, Ivers was the host of the New Wave Theater. In a strange similarity to the Bob Crane murder mystery, Ivers was also found bludgeoned to death in his Los Angeles apartment. Ivers was killed in his bed in his apartment which was located in a seedy part of LA. Ivers' murderer was never identified but the case is still open. In 2008 a book called "In Heaven Everything is Fine: The Unsolved Life of Peter Ivers and the Lost History of the New Wave Theatre" was published by Josh Frank and Charlie Buckholtz. Upon researching for the book new evidence was unearthed in the case forcing the LAPD to reopen their investigation. Upon his death, hundreds of Ivers friends had flocked to his apartment to mourn and in doing so they compromised much of the evidence that had possibly been in the apartment. This is just one reason that is given for the unsolved status of Ivers death, others believe that the laundry list of friends and acquaintances that Ivers had also contributed to the inability to solve his death.

A number of theories abound about the potential cause for Peter Iver's murder. Some say that Ivers was killed as the result of a botched robbery. Others believed that Ivers was killed by one of the hecklers in the audience of the New Wave Theater. Unfortunately, none of these theories came to fruition and the murder of Peter Ivers remains unsolved.


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