Creative Nonfiction Prompts

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23.     Write about a sport you play or watch, or write about an athletic activity you enjoy.

24.     Tell the story of the first time you earned your own money.

25.     Write a personal essay about how music has affected you or shaped your life.

26.     Write about how the real world influences your writing, or write about how your personal experiences and beliefs influence your writing.

27.     You get to create your very own garden. Will it be a flower garden or a vegetable garden? Maybe you’d prefer a grove of trees instead? Write a descriptive personal essay about it.

28.     Write a critical review of your favorite movie. What made it so good? Could it have been better? Provide a detailed analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.

29.     Choose a polarizing topic you feel strongly about and write an essay espousing the opposing point of view. For example, if you believe in the death penalty, write an argument against it.

30.     It’s the last snowfall of the year. What do you do? Go sledding? Build a snowman? Head to the pond for some ice skating?

31.     Sometimes, we use common sense and do the right thing or make the best choice. But sometimes, we learn lessons the hard way. Write about a time in your life when you made the wrong choice and learned a lesson the hard way.

32.     Most people aren’t single-issue voters, but chances are that when you go to polls, there’s one issue at the top of your list of concerns. Write an essay about your position through the lens of your personal experiences. What in your life experience has caused you to take this position?

33.     Film is one of the greatest forms of entertainment. The audience gets to sit back and snack on junk food while the movie plays and takes us on a wild ride through someone else’s life story. We all have our favorite films. What are yours and why? What do you love most about them? The characters? The plot? The special effects?

34.     Throughout history, many stories have been told about the origins of the universe. Some people rely on religion to answer this question; others look to science. What do you think?

35.     Every once in a while, someone comes into our lives for a short time and fundamentally changes us. Has that ever happened to you?

36.     Write an article about your top-ten favorite authors, highlighting the strengths of each one.

37.     Write a personal essay about coping with the loss of a loved one.

38.     Many dramas use comedic relief to add emotional balance and realism. Write about how this is done successfully and why readers and audiences find it so compelling.

39.     Write about animals. How do you feel about them? What is their purpose? Do they have rights? Should they have rights?

40.     At some point, we are taught enough science to begin to grasp just how big the universe is and how small we are. Describe the moment you made this realization.

41.     Write a personal essay about what you would do with your own personal robot.

42.     Think of a book that was a page-turner. What were the hooks or cliffhangers that made you want to keep reading? How did the author build tension?

43.     Do you believe in a supreme being or higher power? Are you atheist or agnostic? How did you arrive at your beliefs? Have you always held the same beliefs on this issue, or has your perspective changed over time?

44.     Many of us have experienced a terrifying moment in which we thought we were going to die. If you’ve ever experienced a moment like that, write about it.

45.     Here’s what sells: sex, money, and articles on how to look your best. Write a splashy article on one of these topics.

46.     Write a manifesto: a mission statement that includes your personal and professional goals and philosophies.

47.     Music makes the world go round. Listen to your old favorites or explore some brand-new music. Choose a song or album that you have a visceral response to. Maybe it makes you want to dance, laugh, or cry. Write a descriptive essay about it. Is it soft and tender? Hard and brash? Hip and groovy? What moves you? The lyrics? The melody? The rhythm?

48.     Fate or free will? Do you believe in destiny, or do you believe that life’s outcome is strictly the result of choice and circumstance? What experiences or evidence has led you to your position on fate versus free will?

49.     Tell the story of an important long-term goal you have accomplished.

50.     Write a critical review of your favorite television show. What made it so good? Could it have been better? Provide a detailed analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.

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