hunter x tree

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Those leaves falling off the tree so gracefully turned me on so much.

It was undressing itself in front of me, and it expected me to do NOT be horny??

My small dick stood tall, taller than ever, its 2 inches seeming to expand to at least a 3 1/2 inch.

I'm so proud of it.

Glancing around, I knew no one would ever see, especially... him.

That damn dead squirrel.

It didn't deserve such a beautiful masterpiece as the tree.

Tree is just so... beautiful.

The way its bark scratches up and down my bare body

From the start, i KNEW we were meant to be.

My blonde hair flopping over my eyes, I tugged my hand through it, flexing as I walk up to the tree.

I could practically see the tree swoon, its branches swaying oh so sexily.

i can't wait to play with all its acorns....




just gon go die bai


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