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I'm in love with my best friend. Wow, how messed up does that sound? What's even worse is that he doesn't love me back. I'm sure of it.

Now, he's asked me to go to Magcon in Miami with him. A 19 hour drive. That's why we are flying- my first time flying great. Can't wait. At least he'll be there to hold my hand. I've heard stories about Magcon events, how crazy it gets. I don't know whether to be excited or scared.

"Come on V!" I hear from outside my window "Let me in! You never lock the door!" I run to my doors and open them to find Taylor standing with his hands behind his back. Hiding something.

"What are you hiding Taylor?" I say walking back to my wardrobe to continue to pack. Well, start to pack, I hadn't got round to it yet.

"Dammit V, you always see right through me" He brings his hands round to his front as I turn to look at what he is holding. It's an orange bandana. "I was gonna give you this on the plane"

"Then why did you bring it here?" I say

"Ok I lied, I wanted you to have it now" I take it from his hands and unravel it to see that it's the one from the Magcontour shop, the one in Taylor's collection.

"Thanks Taylor! Now go, I have to pack, our plane is in 6 hours" I say shooing him out the door

"Let me help you" He says pushing me back into the centre of the room, I don't try to fight back because he's so much stronger than me, so I nod and go back again to my wardrobe and he sits on my bed.

"So how much stuff do I need? And what do I need?"

"We'll be there for 4 days so you need as many clothes as you need for 4 days, your toothbrush, hairbrush, stuff like that" I nod and turn to my clothes. I decide to pack a hoodie of Taylor's, my Taylor Caniff shirt and my nashty shirt. I throw him the clothes and he folds them and puts them in the case. He throws the nashty shirt back at me and I laugh, throwing it back to him. I don't even know how I got that shirt but I wear it anyway. He sighs and puts it in.

I throw him a white lace dress along with a thin denim jacket and he smiles approvingly. I throw him a skater skirt and a couple vests and he takes my pyjamas from under my pillow and throws them in as well. I put a couple pairs of flip flops in and a pair of white vans as well as my brown sandals. I throw a few more items of clothing in and make my way to the ensuite, I pack up all my makeup into the bag and zip it up and take my hairbrush and toothbrush and put them in the case as well.

"I think you have enough" Taylor laughs "Apart from underwear" he smirks and walks over to my underwear drawer. You may think it's weird but we are so open with each other that it's fine. I actually wear his boxers to bed so him touching my underwear doesn't phase me at all. He takes out a huge pile of panties and drops them into the bag.

"I don't need that many" I say taking out unnecessary pairs as he drops a load of bras into the bag too. "Taylor" I say sternly

"You love me really" He says hugging my waist from behind me and kissing my cheek. My stomach flips inside of me but I choose to ignore it, shoving Taylor off.

"Stop it you" I smirk and punch him lightly "You better go get ready, I have to anyway."

"Yeah okay bye babes" he laughs and jumps over the balcony railing, I follow him but shut the doors behind him so that I can get changed. I change into some yoga pants and a vest top along with another pair of flip flops. I tie my hair in a messy bun and drag my suitcase downstairs. I unplug my phone from the socket on the kitchen counter and open the front door to put my case in Taylor's mum's car. To my surprise I open the door to see Taylor standing there.

"How long have you been standing there?"

"Only like 30 seconds" I nod and he takes my case from my hand. I go back into the kitchen, grab some food and run back out to Taylor's mum's car. "Did you say bye to your mum?" I look guiltily and slowly walk back into my house

"Mom!" I shout as she comes running down the stairs "Bye mom" I smile as she pulls me into a hug

"Bye Veronica, stay safe, don't do anything stupid" I laugh and break the hug. Taylor runs up behind me and hugs my mom. They've always been close, Taylor is the son my mom never had, I'm an only child you see.

"Bye Mrs Jones" He says light heartedly

"Bye Taylor. Keep my daughter safe won't you?" She looks worried

"Of course I will"

"We better get going, bye mom!" I wave as Taylor follows me out the door. We get into the car and Mrs Caniff pulls out of the driveway.

"Next stop, Airport!"

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