Chapter 25

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Angel's POV

"I'm sorry, sweetie."

A feminine voice whispered behind me before I was plunged into darkness.

*some time later*

Upon waking up I was confused. What happened to me? Where am I? Who was that whose voice I heard?

By now I was sure I was kidnapped. I was sitting on a comfy bed - not as comfy as the one at home though - in an unfamiliar room, somewhere.

Oh gosh.

The twins!

They must be so worried!! How long have I been knocked out anyway?

I looked around the room.

It was nice, considering I thought that when you're kidnapped, they'll keep you in a dingy dungeon - not that I'm complaining.

I patted my pockets trying to find my phone, but then remembered leaving it at home.

How am I gonna contact the twins without a phone??

Wait, maybe I can find one?

I stood up, feeling slightly dizzy from the quick movement.

I went to a door, opened it and l looked into the corridor. The corridor was very long. There were maybe twenty or more rooms in this hall. It seems that this house or whatever this building is, is even bigger than the pack house and that is saying something.

I tiptoed down the hall, careful not to make any noises. On the walls were big portraits of what looked like were kings and queens, deciding by their clothes, posture and of course the beautiful crowns atop their heads. The pictures were framed with beautifully detailed golden frames. Whoever lived here must be very rich.

One thing that I noticed though was that they all had pointed ears, like mine. Were they elves??? Oh my gosh, where am I?

I finally made it to the end of the hall where there was a huge staircase.

I went down the stairs quietly, looking around so that I wouldn't run into anyone.

I got almost down the stairs unnoticed until someone who - judging by their clothes - looked like a maid came and when she saw me she froze and looked at me wide eyed. Then there was some recognition in her eyes and she quickly composed herself. She curtsied and then looked at me again.

"I apologize, I didn't recognize you, Your Highness."

I just looked at her like she had gone mad.

I turned around to look behind me to see, if there was anyone else behind me who she could be talking to but there was no one. That means she was talking to me. But why did she call me 'Your Highness'? That was what confused me. I looked at her more closely and she had pointed ears!

"You're an elf??"

I was astonished, I have never seen a real elf in my life and now she just stood there.

Now was she the one who was confused.

"Yes, Your Highness. Everyone here is, do you feel well, Your Highness?"

"Uh... yeah I'm okay, I just got confused for a second."

And then something clicked in her head.

"Oh, you must come with me, Your Highness!"

"What? Come where?"

"To the throne hall, the king and queen are waiting for you!"


She softly grabbed my arm and began leading me somewhere. I guess to the throne hall?

I tried to remember all the turns we took and all the stairs and halls but it was impossible, there were simply too many to memorize them. But how am I going to get out of here if I don't know where to go???

On the way to the 'throne hall' we walked pass many maids and other staff. They looked at us as we passed and when they somehow recognized me, they all curtsied or bowed. That is even worse than at home when people bow their heads at their Luna when they want to talk to me or they see me passing by because there I knew why they did that but here? I had no idea.

When we finally stopped, I was winded. I stood there panting and trying to catch my breath. The maiden looked at me and she looked scared for some reason.

"Oh my deepest apologies, Your Highness! I didn't mean to! I am so terribly sorry, Your Highness!"

I just slightly smiled at her.

"Oh it's alright, don't worry. And why do you keep calling me 'Your Highness'? And why everyone we passed curtsied or bowed at the sight of me?"

I was really curious about that, it wasn't like I was some kind of princess or something!

The maiden looked at me as if I had grown two heads.

"What? Is there something on my head?"

"No, Your Highness, I-"

She stopped mid sentence and turned to the huge doors that we were standing in front of.

"We mustn't waste time, the king and queen are already worrying enough, we mustn't prolong their worry any longer!!"

And with that she opened the huge doors and all the heads turned to us. I just stood there wide eyed and turned a bit red from the attention.

"My king, I am terribly sorry to interrupt you, but the princess has awaken and I found Her Highness roaming around the castle."

So that's where we were, in a castle.

Someone who looked to be like the king and the queen rose from their thrones and started to walk towards me and the maid. I noticed that they also had pointed ears.

They stopped in front of me and their eyes shined with happiness. They even had tears in their eyes.

The queen finally spoke with the brightest smile that I have ever seen on anyone's face.

"Oh our little princess is finally home!"

And she hugged me as tightly as she could. Soon the king joined in on the hug and everyone else in the room clapped and smiled at us, relief in their eyes while I just stood there being hugged by a king and a queen who I didn't know.


They finally let go, the king put one hand around the queen's waist and the other one was resting softly on my cheek.

"Our dear daughter."

My eyes were about to pop out of their sockets at that sentence.


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