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Daniella Brooks

"You did great up there!" I say while giving Zach a hug. "Thanks Ella! See you later!" He smiles before walking away with Dani.

"Zach is the sweetest! We should have joined his fandom intestead of the Rowland's!" Jordyn joke while we make our way out of the backstage area. "Speaking of Rowland,There is Brandon!" Paige points to a boy in the distance. "What are we still doing here? Let's go!" I say excited dragging them along.

While walking through the quite crowded room Brandon looks ups from his phone and notices us which brings a big smile on his face. Causing me to get a even bigger on mine.

With only a small distance left to him a girl comes up to Brandon and whispers something in his ear. He looks at us for a small second before walking away with the girl holding her hand.

The big smile I had on my face disappeared and got replaced with a frown. "Let's go!" Jordyn says while looking at him in disgust.

The whole walk to the elevator is filled with silence,but as soon as we step inside and the elevator doors closes Jordyn lets her anger out. "I get that his famous,but he's not Beyoncé or anything! He literally is internet kid who got famous of his brother! I mean he promised you and he clearly saw us! It takes less than a minute to give you two a hug and take a picture! Ugh,He's so salty!"

Jordyn kept ranting about how angry she was at Brandon the whole elevator ride and after we walked out on our floor.

"I mean who even is that girl? She seems annoy-" I cut her off. "Jordyn,It's fine! I don't care,I was just stupid enough to believe that he actually cared!" I say. "No,It's not fine! He hurt you! We didn't see him all night and when we actually got to see him he walked away,despite seeing us and despite promising. So no,it's not okay!" I shake my before unlocking Peyton's and I hotel room with my keycard.
I open the door and walk in with Paige and Jordyn following me.

"What the crap?"

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