authors note

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hi! it's been over a year since i began publishing this book so i thought IT was time for a authors note, (not really i just wanted to explain this shitty book).

well, i don't know why I started writing a book about brandon because i have never been a huge fan. i did have a period when i was a bigger fan, but i still wasn't a big fan. halfway through writing the book I realized that i don't really care about brandon so i made the end come sooner that what i first had planned.

because the ending was so abruptly i just made brandon an ass in this book because it was the easiest way to get an ending. (this probably doesn't make any sense lmao).

i wanted to say that all actions in this book are purely fictional, and i don't think brandon would act like this.

also the reason why is shitty is because i hurried through it, i can write better but i just didn't care.

i feel like people really are attacking my photoshopping skills, they exist and are quite good ( that quite is important ), but i didn't have good content to work with. plus my skills have gotten better.
(if you don't know what i am talking about, there is a manip of lydia/peyton and carson/ethan in a chapter).

to summarize
don't judge this book, because i didn't put any care into it.

have great day or something!!!

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