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16th birthday, today is the day. I mean it's not that special, but I am just really excited to meet all my friends.

Not long after playlist my dad got a job offer here in Los Angeles, none of us had a reason to stay in Texas. So we packed our bags, said goodbye and jumped on a flight.

We now live in a apartment building, and from my room you can see the Hollywood sign. It's really far away, and you can't see that it says Hollywood, but it is there.

After leaving wavybrandon, I started going live on Instagram almost everyday which caused me to gain some followers.

And hanging out with my friends, like Luna,Zach and new friends like Ariel, gave me followers too. Even though it's not the reason I hangout with them.

I now have a fandom of my own, which is quite amazing and I am so grateful.

Me and Brandon made up. Luna was having some friends over and both of us came, he apologized and we are now quite good friends.

And today it is my sweet 16, Luna and Jordyn have planned this for months. I gave them all the power, so for me it will be a surprise. They even did go as far as to hire a makeup artist to do my makeup.

After getting dressed and my hair done I jumped in the car with Luna, who had been getting ready with me, and we went to the where the party was held.

The car ride was quite long because LA traffic suck, but we finally arrived and Luna led me to the right place.

I opened the door and saw a room beautifully decorate,but most importantly, my friends. Jordyn,Paige,Ethan,Zach,Dani,Ariel,Harvey,Blake,Mario,Hunter,Brandon and so many more.

"Thank you!" I say giving Luna and Jordyn a hug before greeting everybody else.

At the end of the party Zach pulled me aside. "I don't really know what to say... But,eh,I like you! And..." He says and I cut him off by kissing him. "Shut up and dance with me!"


ellabrookss sweet sixteen❤️🌙

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ellabrookss sweet sixteen❤️🌙

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