AN: Hey. I lied. Sorry it's short but it's all I've got.

Louis POV:

I woke up intertwined in Harry's long limbs. I carefully untangled myself from him and walked to the kitchen. I tried to be quiet as I got out pots and pans to make breakfast. I carefully set out the ingredients for bacon and eggs, Harry's favorite plus it was easy to make and since I wasn't the greatest cook....
After all I had only ever made one meal, and it was for Harry. He had said it was good but that's his job as my boyfriend, to tell me what I want to hear. Even when it means he has to hide the food in his napkin to throw out later.
I wanted to make this meal special, to make up for having to leave to go ring shopping with Eleanor. He hates her. Don't get me wrong, I'm gay, but she's a great girl. Her and I have become close friends. Our "dates" usually consist of her holding me telling me that me and Harry will be okay and that one day we'll be free.
She's got her own lover too. But to the public eye, since she's supposed to be dating me, she can only be know as best friends with her, just like Harry and I. I guess that's why we clicked so easily. I've met her girlfriend a few times and she's really nice. She's sweet. Danielle Bernstein is her name, the fans made a "fanart" of them walking down the street in their overalls. The fans get it. Because can I say.. O.T.P.
Yes I know what that means. No I won't tell you where I learned and why I use it.
But no seriously, I ship Eleielle Calderstein. Deal with it.
When I finished cooking the bacon to the perfect crisp I set it out on a pretty turquoise plate with the scrambled eggs and set the table. I laid a dark blue table cloth down and lit a candle. I hummed our hit single "What Makes You Beautiful" that was still in the top 10 songs even though it was several years old, as I gently shook Harry awake.
"I got a surprise for you babe, wake up." I soothed sitting on the foot of the bed as he slowly sat up.
"Oh, and what would that be?" He asked groggily.
"You'll see," I smiled my biggest smile as a jumped up and ran to the kitchen, Harry's laugh echoing softly through the hall.
I jumped as I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me arms. "What's all this?" Harry smiled.
"It's to make up for having to go ring shopping." Harry's smiled faltered. "I'm truly sorry."
"It's okay," Harry smiled trying ensure me but I could see the hurt in his eyes.

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