Chapter 16

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Angel's POV

It was around 5 PM and I was getting myself ready for my first date with the twins (actually my first date ever but, oh well).

I was really nervous because I didn't know what to expect.

They said they would pick me up at seven but I was already getting ready for it. It wasn't my idea to do it so early but Lisa dragged me here and because the twins had told her what we'll be doing and where we'll be going then she had to help me with picking out clothes.

The outfit consisted of black ripped jeans, a shirt with camo print, which I'm sure is one of the twins' as it's so big on me - Lisa made a knot on my side with the shirt - , black boots - without heels, thank god - and a black leather jacket on top. I absolutely loved the outfit. She also curled my hair a little and put it in a ponytail.

She said that with a face like mine I won't even need makeup but she still put on some waterproof mascara.

It took her nearly two hours which meant that the twins should be here soon. Lisa tried to calm me by saying that everything will go well but her words did nothing to my jittery nerves.

It was now seven o'clock and Lisa forced me to go downstairs.

There, at the end of the staircase stood my mates looking absolutely wonderful.

Both were wearing black jeans that nicely hugged their legs. Xander had on a camo shirt just like the one that I had on and Xavier had pulled on a white shirt, so I guessed that the one I was wearing belonged to him. They had their black leather jackets and black boots just like I did.

They had their backs to me as they talked to Landon and Chris and they looked nervous. When I started walking down the stairs, they all stopped talking and turned to look at me. The twins' eyes went wide and their jaws dropped. Chris and Landon were snickering at their faces but none of us three focused on them. We were focused only on each other and I could feel myself calming down at last. I ascended the stairs towards them and pure adoration and love was shining in their eyes.

"You look absolutely gorgeous."

"And I really like the fact that you're wearing my shirt."

So it WAS Xavier's shirt like I had thought.

They both growled approvingly and nuzzled and kissed my neck. I went red because everyone was here, the twins' parents had come sometime and I didn't even notice.

"Oh, you look stunning, Angel, dear!" Their mother cried happily as she ran to hug me.

"Thank you, Katherine."

She had ripped me away from the twins' hands to hug me and they weren't happy about that. Now add in the fact that she was nearly choking me with her tight hug and they weren't happy at all. They were pretty mad and I had to calm them before they lost control.

I somehow got out of her hug and jumped on Xavier who caught me and hugged me to him, being careful not to strangle me. Xander was behind me right after I jumped and was also hugging me.

Katherine finally caught on to what was happening.

"Oh, sorry boys."

And she went back to her husband's embrace.

I was quietly humming some random tune to calm them down faster and it helped as they were back in control after a minute.

"Sorry Angel."

"It's okay boys, now let's go?"

They nodded and Xavier - with me still in his hold - went to the door. Xander opened it for us and before we could step outside, Lisa yelled something that made me want to die from embarrassment.

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