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It was what was supposed to be a simple day. Just an introduction of my new unit. It was a couple weeks since I received the call from an American general... Shepherd, was it? Anyway, I had received a short call from him explaining about this new Task Force that I was selected for.  I would meet them shortly. And then I got another call, telling me to pack, as the Task Force was recently relocated to somewhere called Colorado.

From what I've seen of the state, it's real pretty.  There were huge mountains, often appearing purple in color, with snow on the top. The state was a mixture of rural and suburban areas, with farms, but also houses and cities. There were lakes and vast ocean fields. The only thing? Try bipolar weather. Hurricane strength winds followed by a calm day, it would snow in the middle of June! Ah, what a bugger. I'm not sure how the natives handled it.

And me? As of right now, I was waiting near Memorial Park, one of the larger parks in Colorado Springs, waiting to be picked up. I was playing with my BDU's, trying to fix that dang hat. I managed to strap it on correctly. Apparently, as NORAD was in Colorado, the Task Force was there too. I snapped my head up, upon hearing what sounded like a jeep come nearby. I saw... a humvee. It was a beige sort of color. Wasn't that one that the American's Army used? Well, we were close to an army post. Out of the Jeep came an older man, pale skin, graying hair, a mustache, and some sort of weird hat. He looked a lot taller than me, too. I glanced at his uniform, before noticing the rank for captain upon his shoulder. I staggered upward, awkwardly smiling as I saluted. "Hello, sir!" I managed to get out.

He glanced at my nametag, huffing. So, it appeared this captain wasn't one of the nice ones. Shite. "Wow, PFC 'Cheyne', eh? That name cannot be a coincidence." He remarked, though I think it was a joke. I let out a small chuckle. His icy eyes look towards my still-saluting hand, and the captain returned it.

He then crossed his hands, motioning for me to get in the back of the jeep. "C'mon, we've got a mountain to get to." He remarked bluntly, a tad gruffly, before he got in himself.

I nod, moving forward, sitting next to him. Dang it. This was getting more awkward by the second. As the driver, a young blond-haired man, started the car and driving, I turned my head towards the older man. "So, sir, what is your name?"

He was lighting a cigar, not returning my gaze for a few minutes. I saw the red and orange flames flicker for a short second,  before he took out of his mouth, drawing in a long breath, watching the gray smoke come out of it.  He turned towards me, quirking an eyebrow. "Price." He finally answered in a monotone manner. That's when he got his box of cigars out, offering one to me.

"Uh, no thank you, Captain Price. I don't smoke." I responded, moving somewhat, shaking my head and hands.

"If you say so." He told me, shrugging. "You'd like these though, they're smooth."

It was an idling conversation, that was until, an idiot nearly hit us, causing the blond man to hit the brakes and we spun.

"Roach! The hell was that?!" Came the captain's loud, booming voice. He grasped his hat from the floor, picking it up and putting it back on.

"Sorry, sir, but someone tried to hit us. I had to steer out of the way." The blond, pale-skinned man remarked. He turned, facing towards us now.

Hahah. I nearly just got into a car accident. How lovely! And... what name was Roach? I sat there, unsure of what to do. The two started bickering before I cleared my throats and asked, "His name... is Roach?" I quirked an eyebrow.

Captain Price let out another breath filled with smoke. "Are you thick, girl? His name isn't Roach. That's Sergeant Sanderson. His nickname is Roach. He's unkillable."

I winced at being called thick. Hey! The Americans were weird, alright?!

Roach seemed like a much kinder person though. He offered a small smile, and we shook hands. "Yes, I'm Sergeant Sanderson.  Nice to meet you, Private. Let's continue this trip."

The rest of the trip was filled with idle talking, small talk, chit chat. That's when we finally made it to the base. It was carved out of a mountain, a former NORAD area.

After the Sergeant and Captain walked in, it was my turn.

I wonder what it would be like.

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