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The Beginning of The Old Ones




In this realm, our existence unfolds. The Earth we once called home has been forsaken, abandoned due to desolation and negligence.

However, amidst the remnants of the past, a visionary leader arose, bringing forth a new world known as Ukiyo. This floating island, situated in the city of Alasventura, became our sanctuary, meticulously crafted to provide refuge and hope.

Technological advancements reshaped our society. While flying cars remained a dream, magnetic roads were introduced by the government, enabling vehicles to hover effortlessly. This innovation was a response to the failed attempts of the YZMI car company, who experimented with rocket-propelled flying cars, resulting in numerous accidents.

The true revolution, however, lay within the realm of genetics. Through groundbreaking advancements, people now enjoy extended lifespans and perpetual youthfulness. Although appearing as if trapped in eternal adolescence, individuals can experience life to its fullest potential.

The city's laws govern and safeguard its inhabitants, prohibiting smoking, e-cigarettes, alcohol consumption, and the use of profanity. Firearms are strictly controlled by the government, and tattoos are deemed taboo. On the other hand, religious freedom prevails, virtual reality has expanded its frontiers, and diverse sexual orientations are accepted. World leaders have taken an oath to forever forsake war, resolving the urgent issues that plagued previous generations. Peace has been attained, yet the specter of bullying still haunts our society.

Communication has also evolved with the aid of advanced technology. Traditional phones have given way to transparent, glass-like devices, which eventually transitioned into virtual calling. Recognizing the dangers of excessive phone usage and its impact on interpersonal relationships, the government devised alternative solutions.

Telecommunication became seamless through the integration of microchips into individuals' brains, a feat achieved through genetic engineering. Additionally, the invention of Glasses Phones offered an alternative means of communication. The most popular development, known as the "WalkWay," utilized by the majority, allowed individuals to access their contacts in a virtual augmented reality space. This technology was skillfully integrated into the city's infrastructure, facilitating connectivity and preventing societal disconnection.

However, while our society has embraced change, remnants of the past linger. A group known as the Wanderers clings to the remnants of history, seeking inspiration and theorizing about the reasons behind Earth's abandonment. They dwell in the shadows of our progress, persistently questioning the incomplete explanations offered by our leaders. Vague notions of declining resources, a failing economy, and Earth's limitations fail to satiate their thirst for the truth.

Personally, I have a friend who defies the government's narrative, determined to uncover the concealed information behind Earth's fate. In his pursuit, he faces perilous risks, prompting me to stand by his side, protecting him at all costs, even if it means defying my own family. I can only hope that his quest for knowledge does not bring harm upon him.

In the future, education has undergone significant transformations. The American school system, along with others worldwide, adopted the educational principles and methods of Switzerland. While most schools embraced this new system, the institution I attended had a unique approach. Although following the same educational tactics, my classroom utilized older equipment, with only one teacher, Mr. Khan, incorporating technology from the past. His intention was to learn from our past mistakes, a decision that resonated with some, including Jake, who sought to challenge the government.

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