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     I made my way back over to my bedroom, Izzy in my arms.

     The house looked pretty big from the outside, but appeared even bigger on the inside. Although it was only a two-story house, it was pretty prodigious.

     "Alright Izzy, your choice. Join me on the computer, or mess around with my stuff again," I said, sitting down at the computer and placing Izzy on my lap. Izzy reached out and started clicking the computer keys.

     "Well, that definitely answers my question." I grabbed Izzy's hand to stop her vigorous typing so I could log back onto my social pages. I smiled when I saw I had a bunch of friend requests and profile views.

     "Never gets old," I mumbled to myself, looking through all of my alerts. After I was done replying to some messages and approving my friend requests, I logged off, turned off my computer and set Izzy down on the floor.

     "Entertain yourself, kid. I'm taking a nap," I said, standing up and turning on the television. I channel surfed for a bit until I found a channel with a bunch of cartoons. I closed the door, making sure Izzy couldn't get out, then plopped down on my bed. I could hear Izzy laughing at the cartoons while she played with some noisy object.

     I closed my eyes, my mind blank, and drifted off.


     "Hailey, get up. Wake up."

     In the midst of having a pretty good dream, I woke up to see dad standing over me, Izzy in his arms.

     "What is it?" I asked, knowing that he would've usually just taken Izzy and let me sleep.

     "I thought I told you to keep an eye on the kids," he said, rocking Izzy back and forth in her arms. She looked shook up.

     "I was. Ben's been in his room, and Izzy was in here the whole time. I locked the door and everything."

     "Well, the door was wide open, and Izzy somehow made her way to the middle of the staircase." I then sat up and stared into the hallway. I was positive I closed the door, so Izzy wouldn't get out. And Izzy definitely doesn't know how to open a door without anyone's help.

     "Are you sure Ben didn't open the door while I was asleep?" I asked, rubbing my eyes.

     "Ben said he's been in his room the whole time. I was gone for an hour and a half. Do you know how hurt Izzy could've gotten in that time?" Now I was really confused.

     "Dad, I swear. I closed the door, put on the TV for her, then I fell asleep."

     "Well, somehow, the door was wide open when I came back and she was on the staircase. You're just lucky she didn't fall and get hurt," he said, and walked out of my bedroom, Izzy in his arms.

     I let out a silent grunt, then fell back onto my bed. I was one-hundred percent positive that the door was closed. Ben must've opened it, and is lying to get me in trouble again.

     "Little jerk," I mumbled, getting up off my bed and walking out of the bedroom. I sped down the stairs and into the hallway, making my way into Ben's bedroom.

     "You lied to dad, didn't you," I said, grabbing the controller to his Xbox out of his hand, and tossing it onto his bed.

     "Hey! What was that for?" he yelled, looking up at me.

     "I closed my door and fell asleep. You opened it so Izzy could get out, so I would get in trouble, didn't you?" I said, leaning down more to get eye level with him.

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