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I was covered in spaghetti sauce while Nick my boyfriend of two years was covered in noodles. Good match right! We were trying to make spaghetti with each other for his and my family.we were laughing as nick said "you know Y/N I love you" " I know"; you reply. Nick justs laughs at you. All of a sudden nick races past you and you are confused. He comes back with a bonquet of roses and straits to be down. Really though hes kneeling. You start to form an o with your mouth the words you never thought you would hear from nick. Will you marry me Y/N I love you with all the love in the world. You jump and say yes while nick gets up drops everything he's holding and kisses you as he picks u up and spins you around. You couldn't be happier. Then the doorbell rings and you both look as each other as to say here it goes

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