Chapter 2

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After paying for our train tickets, we settle down into a four seater. The train journey flies by, with conversations of what Grace got for her birthday, prom arrangements, meal orders and bands. All of us are obssessed with The Vamps and 5 Seconds of Summer, and so we discuss their latest song releases and tour dates.

"I'm almost certain The Vamps have all gone home for the weekend," Mary says, "I saw it on twitter earlier."

My heart skips a beat. Tristan, the drummer and my favourite band member from The Vamps, lives in Exeter - where we were heading for Grace's meal tonight. However, Lacey and Grace just laugh it off and  continue talking about what cheesecake they want from Nando's. But I can see Mary's mind is thinking exactly the same as mine is - we could meet Tristan Evans.


Climbing out of the train, I feel for my bag to make sure I haven't left anything on my seat. I sigh a breath of relief as I realise everything is still intact, and continue on laughing with my girls. It is still the winter season, and so even though it is only 6pm, the sky is a dark shade of blue. The air is refreshing, not cold, yet this and the hunger of four teenage girls is enough to make us walk very quickly to Grace's restaurant of choice; Nando's.

It is only a 5 minute walk from the station, yet Mary and I tire quickly. We trail behind the others, and I use this opportunity to talk about what my mind hasn't stopped thinking about. "Mary.." I begin, trailing off as I'm not sure whether to continue or not.

Her mind obviously being in a different place, she replies with "Do you think we can meet Tristan tonight?". I told you we know eachother inside and out.

I exhale with relief before smiling at her, receiving a smile in return. "Yeah, we'll have to keep our eyes wide open I guess! Now let's catch up, I'm starting to get cold now." With that, I grab her hand and we walk to catch up with Lacey and Grace.

As the red light of the Nando's sign starts to glow in the distance, and Mary's words stuck in my mind, I'm left wondering; could it really happen?

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