Chapter 21

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After my talk with Dastan, I left to find Kili and tell him of the plan for meeting my brother tonight. I ask some if the Elves, though they don't seem to know where any of the company is. Finally, I came across Lord Elrond.

"Lord Elrond." I say bowing to him slightly.

"Yes? What is it that you need?" He asked.

"Do you know where the company is?" I ask straightening.

"Yes, I believe they are all in one of the courtyards. Something about a tournament. I was about to walk over to observe, actually. Would you like to join me?" He asks.

"Of course." I say. He leads the way down to one of the courtyards and I walk behind him slightly.
We walk for a few minuets and soon I can hear wooden swords crashing against each other. I assume that Lord Elrond can hear it too. He looks over his shoulder and smirks slightly at me.

"Never thought Elves used training swords. Thought you only used bows." I comment.

"Most of us use bows. But we do use swords." He says looking forwards again.

"I see. What of Dastan? Does he do well in battle?" I ask. I was curious about my brothers skill.

"Your brother is very talented with a sword and a bow, just as you are." He says.

"But, you've never seen me in battle." I state.

"I have heard of your skills. From others who have passed through here, and your mother." He says.

"My mother?" I ask.

"Yes. She may have not been able to see you, but she had ways of keeping an eye on you." He says smiling.

We arrive at a courtyard and I see the entire company sitting around two figures fighting. Walking closer, I see elves around all the dwarves, almost like they were sitting in stands in an auditorium.

When we actually arrive I see the elves are actually sitting in stands. The two figures have stopped fighting and the dwarves are sitting down. I wave bye to Lord Elrond and walk over to the company.

"Aivlan." Those who noticed me coming greet me.
"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Nothing. We were just training. Then they" Kili gestures to the elves, "started showing up and watching."

"Yeah. Anyways, I was thinking of maybe givin' them a show. You know, like a tournament." Fili says.

"Sounds interesting. Have you got a list of who's fighting who?" I ask. A tournament sounded like a good way to practice and a good way to have fun.

"Yeah. We just need to get uncle to agree." Fili says and walks over to Thorin.

As Thorin and Fili talk, I stand next to Kili. I look up in the stands and I see someone I was not expecting. My mother.

"Are you alright?" Kili asked, shaking me out of my daze.

"What?" I ask.

"You look like you've seen a ghost." He says chuckling.

"Oh, no. It's just I didn't expect to see my mother here." I say pointing up to her. He follows to where my hand was pointing.

"Well, I see where you got your looks." He mutters. I blush and put my hand down.

"Anyways, I've spoken with Dastan." I say.

"And?" he questions.

"He will meet you tonight. Before we leave tomorrow, for the rest of our journey." I say.

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