Mood Swings

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Michael's POV

"Michael." Someone shoves me shoulder, but I just tell them to leave and turn over. I didn't want to get up. "Mmiiiccchhheeeeaaaallll." The drag out my name and shake me once again. I groan and open my eyes looking at whoever it was. 

But when I open my eyes, I'm ready to scream. Ashton's face was less than five inches away from mine. "About damn time. Luke has cold pizza in the kitchen waiting. We're leaving in an hour." He says annoyed. "Oh and you're still on my lap, kid." I move my eyes finding that I was on his lap. Oh yeah, that's right, I fell asleep on his lap, and he was okay with it. Now he's kinda being a jerk. Awesome.

"S-sorry." I say hanging my head.

"Yeah, yeah, just move kid. I've gotta be home before my dad get's there." He snaps picking my up and throwing me onto the couch cushion beside him. I'm just now noticing, but he calls me kid a lot. I'm only four years younger then him.

Ashton says a 'see you later' to Luke and Calum before leaving the house. I sit there for a minute trying to figure out why he was so nice last night, but he's being an ass today. I don't understand some people. 

"Michael get ready, then you can eat." Luke calls into the movie room. I say an okay back before going up to my room to find a new set of cloths for the day before going to the bathroom. I figured that a plain white shirt and skinny jeans worked for the day. I'd also have my normal black Vans.

"Michael! Hurry up! We're leaving in half an hour!" Luke yells through the bathroom door banging on it. Shit, I had been in here that long already? Or did I take forever to find cloths because of my room being a mess? Both. I should really clean my room.

I jump out of the shower not wanting to piss Luke off and quickly blow dry my colorful hair. It's been white for weeks and I was thinking about changing it. Maybe to like red or black. I'll know soon enough. I'll have to call up my aunt Lou, she'll think of something.

I pull on my shirt as I come down the stairs from the bathroom giving Luke and Calum both a small smile. I wasn't sure if either of them had ever seen me really smile before. Calum's been around for as long as I can remember, I always seen him not Ashton, but I guess Ashton is Luke's best friend while Calum is a close second.

Calum slides a plate of cold pizza over to me and I thank him taking a bite. I didn't care if it was cold, pizza is pizza in my eyes. "Wow there Michael. Calm down that pizza isn't going anywhere." Calum laughs as I finish my second piece. What can I say? I love pizza. It's even my phone case.

"I wouldn't be too sure about that." Ashton's voice says as my last slice of pizza is taken off my plate. 

"You did not just take my pizza." I say turning to glare at Ashton who was taking a large bite out of it.

"What're you gonna do about it kid?" He laughs throwing the rest of it back on the plate. "There you have it back." He continues to laugh as I grow really pissed. Luke sets his hand on my shoulder and a push it off. I'm so tired of Ashton's shit.

"Stop calling me a kid! I'm not that much younger then you! I don't see how Luke and Calum are friend's with you! You're such a jerk!" I snap at him, shoving his chest. Ashton was taller then me, but not by a lot, I'm tall for my age.

"What's going on down here?" Mom asks coming into the kitchen. I turn to look at her and Ashton throws a arm around my shoulder. 

"Just playing a prank on Luke and Calum, Mrs. Hemmings. We got them good didn't we Michael?" Ashton smiles down at me, but I could see the glare in his eyes.

"Yeah, just playing a prank on Luke and Calum. Seems to have worked." I say looking over at Luke and Calum who had confused looks on their faces. Luke didn't seem to believe what I was saying though. Maybe he'd say something after mom left, I was hoping for that.

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