We woke up at 3 in the morning for our flight, we were flying to London today. Our flight was at 6. Jasmine and I got dressed and my dad drove us to the airport by 4AM.

"I'm gonna miss you princesses," he said to us as we stood outside of the security line, saying goodbye.

"We'll miss you too," Jasmine said.

"You take care of that little one okay? And keep us all updated, I'll fly out there when you have the little bug," he said to me.

I nodded as tears prickled my eyes.

"Don't cry Snowy," he said as he pulled me into a hug, "It's okay, this is the right decision for you and the baby."

I nodded as I held onto him.

"I love you Snow White."

"I love you too dad."

He kissed my forehead and hugged Jasmine, kissing her forehead as well before we got into the security line. When we got through security, we had some time to kill, so we got something to eat and Jasmine got coffee while I opted for tea. We ate our food then waited at the gate to board the plane. We had a stop in Newark, New Jersey for an hour, and then we would be back on our way to London.

I slept through the whole flight to New Jersey.

And once we got on the flight to London from New Jersey, we ate and I plugged my headphones into my phone and listened to a playlist that consisted of One Direction, 5SOS, The Janoskians and Blink 182. I listened to all of the voices singing and eventually, fell asleep once again. When I woke up, we had about a half hour left and I was wondering how the hell I was able to sleep as much as I had today. I sat there with my hands on my belly as I rubbed circles on it with my thumbs. I had had 1 doctors appointment so far and 1 ultrasound. I was 25 weeks now, and I had an appointment in just a couple of days after I got to London so we could find out the gender of the baby. Niall was very excited, and Modest was going to be releasing that I was pregnant after we found out the gender.

When we landed in London, the butterflies in my stomach aka the baby were going crazy. Tiny fluttery movements as we went through security.

"Oh my God there they are," Jasmine squealed as I picked up my things and she pointed in the direction of Paul, Preston, Liam and Niall.

I squealed and ran towards them, dropping my bags when I got close and jumped on Niall. He held me up as I hugged him with my legs around his waist.

"Hello there," he said with a smile as I climbed down.

"Hi," I smiled.

"Come on kids lets get your bags and get you in the car, the cute reunions can happen then," Paul said.

We nodded and Niall helped me with my carry on while we went to baggage claim. We got our other bags and Preston and Paul carried them to the car. We put them in the trunk and got in.

Niall pulled me into a kiss and I smiled into it.

"How is he?" he asked as he placed his hand on my belly.

"Oh you've already decided it's a boy?" I laughed.

"It's the Horan curse," Jasmine said, "I was even thought to be a boy, then bam, came out with a vagina."

"Well aren't I glad," Liam said as he kissed her.

"Well, we'll just have to see about that Horan curse in 2 days."

"You should text your parents," Jasmine said.

"Right," I nodded and dug my phone out of my purse and texted my dad and mom telling them we got here safely.

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