Chapter 4

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Me and Matty got to the restaurant and we got a table instaly. While we were waiting for our dinner we started talking about how i want to join musical theatre, but i have to stay in my crappy job. Then we were talking about how he doesnt have a house or flat at the moment, he and George live on the tour bus.

"It sucks that i dont have a house but sometimes if i get tired of sleeping in a bunk i go stay at my mums." Matt said while taking out food from the waiter.

"Thats sick! I have always wanted to go on a tour bus!" I said.

"How about we go pick up your friends and then we can go around in it for a while?" He offered.

"Hell yeah! When we are finished up here i will text phoebe to tell them to be ready!" I said excited.

I know Phoebe has a crush on George so maybe me and Matty can hook them guys up, she needs to be happy again. After her and Kevin broke up she was heart broken, me and Natalie had to force her to go out partying because she wouldn't go with us. Before they broke up we already got the house and bought the plan tickets. She was going to sit next to Kevin and Tyler was going to sit next to me and Natalie so they swapped seats. Phoebe is still taking it abit hard but i guess it is her first heart break.

"Earth to Darian!" Matty said while waving his hand infront of my face.

"Sorry, just thinking" I said snapping out of my thoughts.

We got to the flat and Phoebe buzzed me up, Phoebe was dressed in a cute white play suit with some white wedges with her hair all curly.

"Hey Daz, we need to talk to Natalie. Something is wrong!"

I quickly looked at matty told him to go sit on the sofa while i sort this out.

We got to Natalie's room, she was laying there crying her eyes out.

"Natalie, whats up babe?" i said stroking her hair.

"Its beau! He cheated on me!" Natalie said, crying again.

"THAT DICK! Why the hell would he do that?" I shouted.

"I-i dont know, I called him and we started talking and then there was another voice and it wasnt the others. It was a girls voice. It sounded like Kats!" Natalie told us.

"Look bub,Matty has invited us to go on the tour bus, have a few drinks yeah?" I said.

"Yeah, i need a distraction." Natalie said.

She got up and re-did her make up and then put a nice dress on with some white convers. Once we all were ready we waited for the bus to pick us up. Kevin brought a bimbo home from his job. He worked for a photographer for models. We walked back to the living room and saw kevin and the bimbo cuddling. Phoebe got up and told me to follow her into her room. I told Matty to make him self feel at home.

"Phoebe...why is there a blonde bimbo on our sofa?" I said to phoebe.

"Ugh she is Kevin's date!" She said rolling her eyes, trying not to show that it has upset her. I know it has and i know she is fighting her tears.

"Well i got some good news for you! Some news you going to love!" I said, my smile so big.

"What?" she said

"Well Matty said we can ride around on their tour bus for the rest of the night! And you get to see george!" I said jumping up and down.

There was a knock at the door, it was Natalie. We told her and then we went into the living room. There was Kevin and the bimbo kissing in the corner of the room and then Matty and Tyler were talking in the other side. I coughed and everyone looked at me.

"Shall we get going then? And Kevin are you staying here with urm your date?" I said, i didnt exactly want to say bimbo.

"Oh um i thought i could take Suzy with urm on the tour bus?" He looked at Matty

"Yeah thats fine, i dont mind!" Matty said.

I looked at phoebe and she rollerd her eyes. I look at matty and he looked at me and smiled. I felt so happy right now.

The bus is arrived and we all climbed on, me and matty went to the back of the bus to just get away from the tension of that bimbo and phoebe and kevin.


I sat next to Natalie on the bus, i wanted to go talk to George but i guess i am to scared. Natalie was busy on her phone, proberly texting beau. I sat and watched Kevin and Suzy flirting, gosh why does she have to look so pretty in that white dress. I rolled my eyes, Tyler was talking to Adam about quitars and i looked around and couldnt fin darian and Matty...wonder where they are.

George caught my eye, i smiled and then he came over to sit with me. We started talking and i saw in the corner of my eye kevin kept on glancing at me.

"Whats the deal with him then?" Refering to Kevin

"Oh i went out with him and we broke up just before we moved here, i am over him really haha" i said, believeing it this time.

George showed me around the bus and then i saw Matty and Darian at the back, we hung out with them for a while, they guys played some video games and we just watched. I was happy for the frist time in months. i took the break up really bad, i wouldnt get out of my bed for a week. I really hope there is a chance for me and George.


After a while and a few drinks on the tour bus, me and Matty were in histerics. I dont know why we are laughing but what ever it was, it was halirous. The tour bus is amazing, it has an upstairs and that got a living room sort of thing. So while everyone was hanging there, me nad Matty were downstairs just messing around. We acted like a real couple and it was awesome.

It was about 1 am and i was gettin so tired and me, matty, george and phoebe layed down and watched a movie, i was falling asleep.

"Why dont you go get changed in one of my shirts and then come back and lay down so its comfortable when you fall asleep" Matty wispered in my ear.

"Ur okay, sure!" i replied.

We got up and told phoebe and george we will be back in a sec and made our way to their 'bedroom'. I undressed to my underwear and then he took of his shirt and then gave me his shirt. I looked at him, i took the shirt and put it over my head.

We got back to the movie and then me and phoebe feel asleep on the guys and we were happy.

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