Chapter 19

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Later this day, we met the new band. We got spontaneous greeting hugs from them (which Ivy completely freaked out about) and hey, they were really nice!

One of the guys, his name was Luke I think, was talking with Ivy the whole time, and she seemed like she would faint any moment.

I just chatted with them about music and stuff, so did Kim and Rose. Jacky was, as usual, the one who tried to flirt with them, but at least they're about our age!

After we played our show tonight (which was truly amazing) we went outside to chill a little. With 'we' I'm talking of the girls, Vic, the guys from 5SOS (except Luke who was feeling a little ill which made Ivy incredibly sad) and me.

So we sat down on the grass near our tour busses, it was already getting a little dark.

After ten minutes, Jacky ran back to the tour bus, getting something. We were all just talking on, until she came back, carrying 4 six-packs beer. She threw them on the grass and sat down again.

"Who's up for a bet?" She laughed.

"I'm in!" Vic shouted as everybody shook their heads, laughing.

"Kay. I bet...I can drink more bottles than you in 5 minutes."

"I hold against it." He laughed.

"If I win...I am allowed to wax either your chest or your arm pits." Jacky said, giving him a mean look.

"Kay...and if I win, you have to f*** one of the guys from my band."

"But NOT him!" I screamed, laughing. Jacky nodded, and they both took the first bottle. Rose started the stopwatch on her phone and they started drinking! Jacky had her first bottle downed after 30 seconds, DAYUM GURL!

Everybody chanted their names, the boys and me supporting Vic, everybody else screaming for Jacky.

4.55 minutes later, there were several empty bottles on the ground. 5 of them downed by Jacky, 4 by Vic.

" 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! STOP!" We shouted all together. Jacky threw away her empty bottle, but Vic kept trying drinking the last half.

"Vic! Stahp!" Jacky shouted, and as he didn't stop, she picked up one of the empty bottles and threw it towards his direction. Even thought she was pretty drunk, she exactly hit his bottle and it fell down.

"Woah!" He shouted a little scared.

Jacky grinned evilly.

"I win."

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