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I wake up long before everybody and check my email. To my surprise I have a email from someone I don't know. Im guessing its another hate not. I click the check box and put it into the trash. Im not going to let this ruin my vacation. (if you're curious this is what it said)

Dear loser

You may be miles away but man are you ugly.

P.S don't bother coming back after summer.

I put on some short athletic shorts that are black. I also put on a hot pink Under Armour dry fit shirt. My running shoes. I climb down from the loft and head into the kitchen. My dad puts down the book he's reading and asks me if I want to go grocery shopping with him after my run. I say sure and grab an apple and eat it up. I sketch for 5 minutes then get up and start to jog along the beach.   When im done I grab a towl and wipe the sweet off. I run up stairs and put on a sweatshirt and head downstairs. My dad and I hope into the car and head into town which is 20 miles away. Its not are home town but it will do. We head into the Kroger grocery store and started shopping. I put in alto of produce / junk food and my dad laugh I said what. I ask him if we can get stuff for smores .he giggles and said yeah I'm sure whatever you want hun. I run and get the stuff and right before I get to my dad I run into a girl my age. We both laugh and help each other get up. She says were are you from. Village Creek a state away from here but we are  vacationing in are beach house right now. No way she asks. Weres your beach house at. About 20 minutes away from here. Know way that's where we're staying at to. Plus my family and I  are moving to a state over to some little suburb. Know way that's so cool. I got to go but mabey we can hang out some time by the way my name is Elsa what's yours? Mines Stacy nice to meet you Elsa. Nice to meet you two Stacy. I go to my dad at the check out he's next in line. He ask me if I what to get a drink so I choose  a peach tea . We are done and loded up in ten minutes and on are way home. When we get home emilys at the kitchen table coloring and Brian and is already in his trunks and arm floaties. I go put on my new purple bikini on and go outside with Brian. I lay a towl in the sand and start tanning myself im glad I got out a week early so I can get my tan on. My alarm goes off I put some more suntan lotion on Brian and me. I flip to tan my other side for a half a hour. I hear ice clinking glass So I look up to see mom holding a tray of strawberry lemonade and celery sticks with peanut butter on them. I take a cup and say thanks . She puts the tray on the picnic table and sits by me. She is now 4 1/2 months pregnant. I ask hear how's she doing and says sees doing fine. I look up to the sound of Brian crying I go up to him to see what it wrong. I see blood in the water. I say o my god and pick him up. His foot is bleeding really bad. I ask him what happened and he pointed to a broken beer bottle. Those dam drunks come hear I say. I pick him up and bring him to mom she is screaming dad comes running out. He sees what  happened  he throws Brian over her shoulder and mom gets up and runs to the car. I pick all my things and dad tells me to stay here to watch Emily. A hour later I get a call from my dad. He tells me that Brian got stitches and  we are taking him to Dairy Queen to get a blizzard. I say that's fine I'm just going to cook me and Emily a grilled cheese sandwich. He tells me to tell Emily that we can go swimming till he gets back to clean up the glass. Tell her how about we dig a hole for a fire pit to make smores tonight. She claps her  hands and says yes that's a good idea. Then she starts crying and asked is Brian going to die? I say no he won't be able to go swimming for about 2 weeks but he will live. 20 minutes later the car pulls up and Brian has a little wrapped around his foot. Can I carry him inside I ask. My dad says you bet you can but be careful his foot hurts. I carry him inside to the kid room and lay him on his bed. I put his favorite movie and the DVD player. ( Emperor's New Groove) and  gave him his Spider Man action figure. Kiss him on the forehead and leave the room. My mom comes and lays on the bed next to him and rubs his back and kisses the top of his head. He since mommy can I still go swimming. She tells him sorry hun not for at least a week maybe next week you can but I'm not so sure. He says life still be able to make the s'mores tonight in a whiny voice. She says you can. They fall asleep together in my dad asked if I'd cook for supper. I say sure I make a homemade potato salad a homemade garden salad. My dad fired up the grill on the back porch and made hot dogs. Emily wanted to help so I let her make the Kool Aid. She chose a grape. I grabbed the garden salad and homemade potato salad and bring it to the picnic table. I go back in to get the pitcher of grape Kool Aid and the plate of hot dogs. Emily gets the paper plates.  mom carries out Brian and we dig in. Dad started the fire and is now making smores. Out of nowhere comes a flying frisbee and lands on the other side of are picnic table. I see this girl come running and she looks familiar. It's stacy  hi  I say and picked up the frisbee and give it back to her. This is your beach cabin. I say yes and ask her where is hers. She points at a cabin that's 3 cabins down. So we're practically neighbors I say. She says yes and tells me the Suburb they're moving to attend the summer is village Creek the suburb I live in. The Hoffman's moved and there house sold quickly so I wonder if its where they are moving into there house. I say bye have a Good night. She says you to. I pick up everything and tell my dad and mom important going in to take my shower. When I come out of the bathroom Emily sleeping on the couch and Brian's is playing with Spiderman and Batman action figures. I turn the tv on and we watch Phineas and Ferb together. He falls asleep at ten moms in the hot tub and dads on the exercise bike. I carry Brian into bed first then Emily. I climb up the ladder into the loft and upload some of my photos onto facebook. After I'm done on Facebook and go straight to Pinterest and started pining like wildfire. I go to bed at 10:50. I think to myself today was very eventful I gotta hate note that I didn't read but I did not feel nauseous so that's good. I close my eyes and smile.

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