Chapter 9

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Turns out Dré's place to head to was an alley off a good 20 minutes away.

"What are we doing here?"i ask.

"Oh yeah just a dance battle im in. It wont take long. If you want you can wait at the DQ over there."

"Nah im fine."

We don't wait long till a group of guys come sauntering towards us. I take a step back and go towards a crate, using it as a chair.

"So Dinamite ready?"., one of the guys asked Dré.

"Always ready."

"One of you drop a beat."

Music starts blaring from someone's iPod. Dré starts dancing and the other guy starts too. Both are really good, so I wonder how this contest will be determined.

The guy who Dré was battling against , suddenly stopped and called for one of the other boys to join him. Together they started dancing and slowly pushed Dré into a corner.

Seeing that Dré was basically losing , I jumped in and started dancing alongside Dré. He looked surprised at first but that look quickly fled from his face. Together we did all the tricks and moves we could, and ended up pushing our competitors into their corner.

The leader of the other crew signaled for the music to end.

"You win this got lucky."

"I didn't get lucky .. and thanks Lukas." Dré said.

Lukas walked away until he suddenly came barreling at Dré. Thus soon turned into a brawl. The other boys simply encouraged the fight.

"Dré! Just come and we can leave.", I yelled over the noise.

He didn't pay attention to me he continued to fight. I was so disappointed at Dré so I simply left and went home.

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