meet the boys

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"I think you should come to the camp and meet my lost boys. You don't wanna be alone on this island at night." He says and rais one eyebrow while he is smiling again. something feels wrong about him but I think he is right about being alone. He goes first showing the way. Ellie looks at him every step he takes but something is wrong with him. I feel that I can't see him as the nice boy that they tell about in the fairytales. That Peter Pan doesn't exist... Peter Pan is a selfish and evil young boy.

We reach the camp and there is lots of boys dancing round the bonefire. when he reach the fire all the boys stop dancing and he walkes up on a rock so every one can see him. "Lets welcome our new lost girls!" He says and reach his arm to us. all the boys makes some noice until Pan shuts them off. "Whe need to give them a warm welcome so prepare for one more bed tonight." he says and gives the boys his evil grin. He jumps down from the rock. "Lets have a big party to celebrate!" he says and looks around at the boys.

He goes to me and let one of the boys take care of Ellie. "So, I still don't know your name. Or maybe you don't have one." He says leading me to sit on a fallen tree. "I'm Carrie and that's Ellie, my cousin." I tell him while I'm watching Ellie cause I don't trust these people. "Welcome then, to my island." he says and smiles that evil smile.

I look away from him and watch one of the boys playing some game with stones with Ellie.

"I can see you don't trust me but you will have to because you will never leave. That's one of the reasons why it's called Neverland." He says without changing his evil look. He brings out his panflute from his jacket and starts to play. All the boys starts to dance and Ellie joins in. Peter walk over to the rock again and stand there playing and watching every move. 

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