»Chapter 1:- The Day it all started.......

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Now I'll explain it to you how the story started. I'll take you a few years back in time when both Percy and Annabeth were 9. So......let's go..

          Sunlight filled the room as Annabeth woke up in the morning. The birds were chirping pleasantly in the meadow besides the cottage. It was mid-summer time. The flowers were bloomed really well. Annabeth yawned and got ready. The clock was about to strike 7. She hurried and freshened up and made her way to the kitchens to make breakfast. She didn't really want to upset the other three ladies she lived with......

Well,one of the three, Thalia, was already up. Thalia greeted Annabeth as she entered the kitchens while descending the stairs.

          "Morning Annabeth,beautiful day ,huh?" Thalia said. She sniffed the air with her nose and asked,  "Mm-hmm......What's cooking up,Annie?"

          Annabeth facepalmed herself while still multitasking,

" For heaven's sake Thalia! Will you stop calling me that?!?!

I do have a wonderful name,you know? So I don't need a nickname."

          Thalia snickered,holding her hands up,she said," Sorry sorry....my bad,but you didn't answer my question yet?"

          "Oh that,I'm making hotcakes with cinnamon tea",said Annabeth,trying to imitate a sing-song voice.

          "Alright,her, I'll help you set up the table",Thalia said handing out a plate to Annabeth ,who was setting the table.

          "Uh-huh,no need of it big sis",Annabeth denied,smiling slyly at her witty comment.

          Thalia was taken aback by this, in a tune of mock surprise she replied, "Wow,now your taking your revenge on me,me your kind,helping,supportive-"

          "Slow down,don't yell-",said Annabeth but was cutoff by the sound of footsteps.

          Thalia immediately took a chair to sit. Annabeth went back to her hotcake which was on the pan. Then Hera and Rachel entered the scene. Rachel was wearing a hideously coloured nightgown,her red hair were all twirled in different direction.

          "Hmm...again hotcakes and cinnamon tea? I'm fed up of it",said Hera,as she wrinkled her nose.

          "But I love them.....amazing breakfast. Set up the table quickly,blondie,I'm hungry",Rachel snapped at Annabeth.

          Annabeth fumbled with the plates,"Y-yes,please sit down",she said.

          They all took a seat while Annabeth served them their breakfast. Annabeth felt a bit relieved of the hard work but thus relief was soon crushed by Hera. As she was eating her breakfast,she gave unlimited work to Annabeth as usual.

Clean the rooms,wash the plates,dust,mop,sweep,etc....,but later she added something about grocery shopping. Annabeth felt jumpy. She hadn't been out for a few days now. She enjoyed strolling down the streets in the kingdom.

          "-so you can get off in the evening",completed Hera.

          "Phew.....Today after a long time I'll get to breath fresh air.....instead of Rachel's horrendous perfume",Annabeth laughed silently at her own thought.


          Annabeth had a wide smile across her face as she was walking through the streets of the wonderful kingdom. Everyone greeted her too. Annabeth was still surprised by the fact that the streets of the kingdom were still hustling and bustling at thus time too.......It all felt so lively,so real,so comforting.

          After a whole mayhem of shopping,she was on her way back to her jail,which was also her so-called house. But not yet.........She always used to go by the lake whenever she managed to come out of the house. So....She made her way to the lake.

          Her visits to the lake were always Amazayn (A/N:- sorry I'm a directioner.....; ) ) She just loved staring at the horizon while sitting by the lake. But this visit was way too different.......

   As she approached the lake she saw someone else there. From a fair distance,she assumed it was a boy,might be nearly her age.....As she got closer she noticed something more........... He was weeping with his head into his knees and hands over her face.

          She was confused about what to do, so after a debate in her mind she finally approached the boy.

          "Um.....hello",she said,her tone soft and concerned.

          The boy was startled so badly he just yanked his head straight up. Annabeth found herself staring by a pair of cool sea green eyes,full of tears and a glint of..........fear.

        "Are you alright? You look a bit disturbed.",She said looking at him with her own storm grey eyes."May I sit here?",she humbly asked.

          The boy wiped off his tears with the back of his hand and nodded at her which she took as a 'yes'. She sat beside him. Shyly she asked him,"Um.....May I ask you why we're you.....um....crying?"

          The boy ran his ran through his messy raven black hair as Annabeth saw a trickle of tear escaping his eyes.

          "I..I'm..an orphan. I ran away from my orphanage. And now after three days of running away I'm here.....in this...unknown kingdom..with all strangers around me.",said the boy,still teary eyed. "I just down know what to do right now", he said before breaking down into tears again.

          "Oh....um..sorry...I'm....I'm Annabeth. I live in this kingdom. if you want I could....you know...try to help", sais Annabeth,who felt so sorry for the boy.

          "How?",he asked as if he saw a ray of hope in a dark place.

          "Um...you should go meet the king. He might help you by giving you a job in the castle maybe.....you could get to live with the other servants....you could also get some fair salary.",said Annabeth.

          "You...you think so?",he asked.

          "I'm sure of it.",She smiled.

          "Thank you so much....I owe you big time...How can I repay you?" he said thankfully.

          "Um....by telling me your name?"she replied.

          "Oops...sorry my name is Percy.....Percy Jackson. Nice to meet you, I'm really grateful to you...Thank you Annabeth",said Percy.

          "Its ok....I gotta go now,bye"she said getting up.

          "Can we ever meet again,my new friend?",he asked.

          Annabeth was beyond shocked. No one ever called her a friend,nor she had any.

          "I.....I don't know....well maybe we can....I suppose so.",She staggered with the words.

          "Thank you again",he replied before running of towards the castle.

          A happy Annabeth walked her way straight back home.

               SHE HAD MADE A NEW FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

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