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Pen Your Pride

Mirror Image of You.

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Don't pretend nothing matters

You don't know the end

Don't gaze at the window

‘Cause that's something you'll never get

You always told me you wouldn't be there

You just want to go alone

Upstairs to the window

To the place no one knows

Sometimes the world is vacant

Always empty and cold

The screams carry through the hallways

Aging me and growing old

You never tried to love me

You just let yourself go

Don't pretend nothing matters

Don't leave me alone

Cause life won't change

In the end it's not your fault

The world doesn't end in vapors

It ends in old souls

Don't cry to your dangers

They'll betray you everyday

Don't tell me it’s over

Cause it won't end either way

Don't try to find fault

In something that doesn’t matter

The world is uniform

Lining up in single file

Ready to serve a purpose

Designed to tear you down

Killing all that's different

A disease you know too well

Try to lie to their faces

The voices in your head

Taking all that's normal

Distorting what they said

You spend your days in silence

Wishing you were nothing

Hoping it'll all be over

So the world won't be something

You say you're no different

Just a person who found a way

When truthfully it was over

When it didn't matter what you say

Don't make marks across your skin

It won't help the pain

Stop believing what they tell you

Or else they'll be genuine

Don't let the colors fade

There's more to the world then black and grey

Always ripping apart all your hopes and dreams

Taking away the silence; listening to your screams

Tell me again what the voices said

The insanity you hold wants you dead

The world as you know it has faded away

You can't tell the difference between night and day

You look at me with empty eyes

Unaware that you will die

Your soul pleading to be let free

Screaming for someone to help me

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