My Secrets

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1. My name is Alexandria.

2. Ever since I can remember, I've been bullied.

3. My mom died when I was 10.

4. I never have the guts to tell people how I really feel.

5. I've been cutting myself ever since I was 11.

6. Ever person I've ever dated either cheated on me or used me for sex.

7. I've never had my first kiss..unless you count dares.

8. I'm a virgin.

9. People never realize that words do hurt.

10. I'm in love with my best friend but he doesn't know...

11. My dad abuses me in front of his girlfriend and his girlfriend doesn't do anything to stop him. She just sits there and laughs.

12. I only have 3 true friends:Britanie,Tristian, and Corey.

13. What I do on my free time is either draw or write.

14. I write poems so that I can get all of my emotions and hurt out. Writing is like a best friend. It keeps all of your secrets.

15. 2 years ago I became anorexic..

I'm a lot better now though. I'm at a good weight. I still do cut myself but its better than it used to be. Bullies are stupid and anyone who is bullied:stand up for yourself. That's what I do. There's no reason to kill yourself or anything...

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