How to Create the Best Looking Book Cover on Wattpad

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Lets be honest with each other for a minute. We all judge books by their covers. If you look at two different books here on wattpad, one with an eye-catching cover, and one with the generic cover that is given with only the title and profile picture of the author, which has more reads?

Obviously the one with the nice cover.

A cover is what draws people in, making them want more. It's what sets your story apart from everyone else's. It's a marketing tool. Everyone wants something pretty to look at.

I was walking through Target today and went past the book section. One book immediately caught my eye, and I ended up buying it. Why did it catch my eye? Because the cover was clear, beautiful, and professional.

That's right people- Professional. There is such a thing! Story covers don't have to be a sloppy picture with wild fonts and colors, or even a bad photo-shop job. But that's what a lot of the covers on here are, aren't they?

Whenever you go to the cover making forum, you always see all these discussions with cover makers. I'm telling you, two years ago you were extremely lucky to have two cover makers here. So we've come a long way everyone! But back to the point... when you click on a discussion, usually the covers are either pictures that are such bad quality in themselves, along with hundreds of fonts and crazy colors. Most of the time, you can't even see the title because it blends into the background!

There are not too many good cover makers out there now adays. That's just a fact.

Here is another fact: Simple is better (GASP!). No really, simple is a lot better than complicated. To make a good book cover, you don't need photoshop or Pisca, or any of those fancy photo editing devices. Honestly, you can tell when someone used those to make a book cover. There is always just too much on the picture.

To tell you a secret, I can't use them at all. I'm absolutely horrible with those kinds of editing software. I went to work with my dad for a week, since he works in a different state every other week, and he made me try to learn how to use photoshop. I probably studied it and tried to use it for fourty hours that week, but in the end, did I learn a single thing? Nope. I couldn't even draw a line without something happening that wasn't supposed to. It's funny, because I usually pick things up so easily.

Another secret: I use picmonkey. If you know about that site, you know that it's exactly like picnik (Oh Picnik, Rest In Peace). That's where I make all my covers, banners, and story ads.

Now, I'm not saying that I'm better at making covers than everyone. I've just learned from my two-three years of doing it that simple is better, and that people want good quality covers. I've learned about business and what attracts people, and what turns people off. I know all about those things. I apply them to my covers.

You see, there is a specific way to design covers. You don't just throw everything on the picture. There are ways to position things, and ways to word things, that catch people's eyes. From the font the title is in, to the way the authors name is set up and where. A good book cover means more reads!

So this guide is to show you all how to make a great looking book cover without all the fancy stuff. A good, amazing, professional book cover that people will love!

What will this guide include?

Guide to pictures (finding your perfect picture)

Guide to fonts

Guide to color scheming

Guide to positioning

Guide to shading and other freaking cool but simple effects