19 year old college student, blogger, writer, and crazy cat lady. A political science major, addicted to chai tea lattes and pomegranates. 

Currently rewriting 'Just Drive' and working on a new and improved holiday project, I've been looking at publishers.

One of my favorite things to do is work with published authors to promote their work, as well as read. I have an extensive book collection and I could probably tell you a story to go along with each and every book I have. (Which is a lot). I can read a 600+ page book in a night.

I sometimes make book covers. I'm not doing it all the time anymore, I've had a lot on my plate for awhile, though I will do some, so email me if you wish. Please DO NOT message me here on Wattpad. I will most likely not respond.

WEBSITE: www.ForTheLoveOfAllBooks.Weebly.com


I would like to say THANK YOU for all the love and support you guys have given me. I've been going through some family things and I can safely say my dad is now free of cancer, and I'm back into the writing groove. Expect some pretty awesome things heading your way. <3
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Description: Sydney MiQueen hates change. She goes day by day working the same job, hanging out with the same people, with the same general routine. Until one day, when she is arrested for a crime she didn't commit, learning that she has a twin sister she neve...

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Hey guys, I really appreciate all the love. As I promised I'm going to be trying my best to update soon. However I can't get to all of your cover requests. I get at least 50 a day, and since I started college last year I have hardly any time for my family, friends, and book blog (which I sometimes get paid for), much less making covers for people. I took a summer class online and it's ending this week, and I'm going to concentrate for the rest of the month on trying to push out 'Just Drive'. If you guys have any questions I'll TRY to get back to you, but I'm so busy and those of you in college/past college should understand XD 
      Thank you guys again for the support, and I'll try to do a few covers here and there, but I can't promise anything. 
Didilovesyou16 posted a message to AnnaNoel
I read your "How to Create the Best Looking Book Cover On Wattpad" & I made a Book Cover for my book "I'm A Bitch, What's It To Ya?" And I guess that was the first cover that I had made that I liked. So Thank You! for the book because it helped me make my cover. :) Have a great day! :)
Poor girl :( All you guys do is spam Anna with messages on her board asking her to make you guys covers. It is obvious that she can't do it, so I think for her sake it's best to stop. And I'm pretty sure 70% of the people also spam her PM box for the same reason. Give her a break
AnaNobrega_xD posted a message to AnnaNoel
Hey, I just came here to ask if you can give me your opinion about my books' cover. I would be eternally grateful if you do it! Thank you and sorry for my bad English! ^.^