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- Saturday-
Maya's POV
Im so excited i get to go to the Black and White ball with all my friends i hope we have a lot of fun. Riley is coming over later so we can get ready together but she is coming until 6:00 pm and its bearly 10 am
Im actually going to call her right now.
*Calls Riley *
Riley: heyy peaches

Maya: hi what are you doing ?

Riley : nothing im bored i want it to be six already so i can go to your house and get ready.

Maya: i know well actually you know what do you want to come over right now ?

Riley: omg yessss we can watch movies and eat popcorn its going to be like a sleepover but in the day.

Maya : *laughs* umm yeah ok riley tell smackle

Riley: okay see you in 10 minutes byeee
*Hangs up*

Well that was an interesting conversation 😂

*20 minutes later *

Hartbroken: waiting for Isadora to come thru (Don't we look cute in our dinosaur sweaters) ❤️ ❤️ 30 💬 10 Rainbowriley : 💜💜Farklenation: you  are always cute ❤️Zaybab : yeas im living parents 💛💛smartsmacks : im almost there you guys are so cut...

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Hartbroken: waiting for Isadora to come thru (Don't we look cute in our dinosaur sweaters) ❤️
❤️ 30 💬 10
Rainbowriley : 💜💜
Farklenation: you are always cute ❤️
Zaybab : yeas im living parents 💛💛
smartsmacks : im almost there you guys are so cute 💙.
The door opened and revealed smackle
"Hi guys" smackle said walking in
"Hey smackle" Both Of us said.
"So what are we going to do?" She asked looking at me.
"Well first we are going to watch clueless and then we will watch 10 things i hate about you after that we will play truth or dare and after that we will play some music and get ready!" Riley said jumping up and down.
"Oh okay" smackle said a little confused.
So we did everything Riley said we should do and out of nowhere she screamed.
"Whats up riles ?" I asked Confused

"Its time lets get ready !!!" She screamed.
So smackle was the first to change she went to the bathroom and put on her dress she looked great then we helped her do her hair and makeup. After that it was Rileys turn so she changed and we also helped her do her hair and make up once we finished getting ready
We went down stairs and found my sister Sarah sitting in the couch.
"Wow Sarah you look great" I said with a smile
"You don't look bad yourself ." She said standing up and giving me a twirl.
"And you girls look beautiful." Sarah said looking at Riley and Smackle.
"Thank you" They both said smiling.
The doorbell rang and my mother came out of the kitchen and into the living room.
"Wow you girls look gorgeous." She said smiling
"Let me get the door " she said
She opened the door and welcomed everyone in.
*Peyton, Lucas, Gabe , and Zay walk in*
Gabe walks up to me with his eyes wide open.
"Wow you look beautiful " He said smiling
"Thank you, You look good too" I replied.
After that we talked for a while and I noticed Farkle wasn't there with us so I walked up to Lucas.
"Hey cowboy where is Farkle ?" I asked
"Well he went to get his date" He replied with a smile.
"Oh yeah right .." I said and started walking away.
"Wait Maya" he said grabbing my hand.
"What?" I asked confused.
"What's Wrong?" He asked concerned.
"Nothing" I said.
"Look I think what's going on just enjoy today well talk later." he said with a reinsuring look.

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