Book of Advertisements!

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So i have gotten many requests for advertisements and i was thinking just posting them under my info section wasn't good enough. So each chapter will be an advertisement for stories. The Chapter titles will be the genre of the story so you guys can find the types of books you like to read easier! =)

So If you want your book to be advertised just Inbox me with the link to the book, and a description, and i'll even throw in some questions if you want to answer about your book :)

So if you want your book advertised inbox me with the answers to the questions, Give me the Genre you want me to put your story under, and a description of you book (and obviously the title)

1. What inspired you to write this story?

2. What kind of readers do you think would enjoy your story?

3. what is your favorite genre to write about?

4. Have you written any other stories, if so what genre?

Hope you enjoy and find some great books/short stories that you like! =)

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