Chapter Eight: Her Newly Acquired Friends

    Three hours later and I was beyond tired. I had never felt so drained in my life. Travis had us working non-stop, I was pretty sure I had done every cleaning job known to the world. Learnt things that I had never thought existed. Like, who knew people used feathers to get rid of dust? Having a job is hard work. Just thinking that I had another day like this tomorrow was making me want to collapse on the floor and fall asleep!

    I waited outside the shopping promenade, the security guards were here too, waiting until everyone was out so they could lock it up for the night. Not long after, Milo came strolling out.

    “How much they give you?” He asked me.

    I pulled my first wage from my jeans pocket and showed him proudly. “Fifteen pounds.”

    “Yeah, I got the same. Worked my ass off and all I get in return is peanuts. And people wonder why I don't waste my time with a job.” He turned his stern gaze on me, they were hollow with hopelessness. “I hope you know that working here isn't going to cover how much we need. It'll take us over a week.”

    I shrugged, too tired to think that far ahead. “Maybe they'll pay us more next time.”

    Milo pulled a face at me, disregarding my optimism immediately.

    “Yeah, when pigs fly.” He muttered then snatched the money from my hands. “I'll look after this and keep it safe, shall I?”

    “I don't think so.” I snapped and took it back off him, including his share of the money. “You must think me an idiot if you think I'm going to trust you with the money.”

    “Fine.” Milo sneered, holding his hands up in surrender. “You better keep it safe, cause I'm not going through with your stupid idea for nothing.”

    A moment of silence fell as I stuffed the money securely into the bottom of my jeans pocket again.

    Then Milo asked, “How you getting home?”

    I didn't have a chance to answer him, because his dog Kily came charging down the street, barking and panting. He came to a halt at Milo's feet, and I couldn't help but notice that there was a note tied around the collar. Milo untied the piece of paper and as he read it, I bent down to give Kily a stroke.

    “I've gotta go.” Was all he said before Milo ran off back down the street where the dog came from, he whistled a second later and Kily left to chase after him.

    I stood back up with a sigh, staring after him in confusion. It was starting to get dark, the lamp lights were warming up and there were less people on the streets.

    “I have no idea where I am.” I muttered to myself eventually.

    “Sounds like you need a lift home.” I heard someone say behind me, making me jump a little. I spun around and relaxed when I found Travis. He was rustled about in his jacket pocket and pulled out a set of keys. “I have a car not far from here.”

    “That's very kind of you.” I smiled and fell into step beside him as we wandered down the street. There was a settled silence between the both of us, it was calm. Unlike the awkward silences with Milo which were tense, neither of us felt the need to fill the air with pointless chatter.

    Only when we had both got into his car, did Travis speak. “Where do you want dropping off?”

    I buckled my belt and melted into the comfy passenger seat, I could probably fall asleep this instant.

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