Harry's POV

Louis has been hospital for a while now. I really need to tell the rest that he is in here. I couldn't phone Leah because she is out enjoying herself, Niall would be out eating somewhere, Zayn would be a sleep , so that just left Liam. So I knew that I had to phone him.  I quickly typed his number into my phone and I let it ring.

Liam's POV

My phone started ringing. I quickly looked at it and saw that it was Harry that was phoning me.  I picked it up.


"Liam...please come to the hospital?"

"Why Harry?"

"Louis is in here and I need someone with me"

"Okay I'm on my way"

I put the phone down and made my way out to my car. I got in quickly and made my way to the hospital.

Once I got there I went straight to the reception.

"Hello how can I help you today?" the woman behind the desk.

"I'm looking for which room Louis Tomlinson is in"

"Oh okay, he is in room B7 , There is already a boy up there with him"

"Okay thank you"

Once I was told which room he was I got the lift and was soon there.

Harry's POV

I looked up to see that the door had opened and Liam walked in. Just has Liam was about to talk Louis woke up and said something:

"Guys I'm sorry"

"What you sorry for?" Liam asked

"I need to speak to Leah"

"Why Leah?" I asked

"Just phone her and tell her to come here"

So I did as I was told.

Leah's POV

I had just come back from my shopping trip with the girls. The house was to quit for my liking. I knew that Zayn was in because he was in his room sleeping. I swear Liam was in when I went out and Niall too. My phoned then started ringing and I saw it was Harry.


"Leah please come to the hospital"

He said nothing else and put the phone down. So I quickly woke Zayn up so he could drive me there. To be honest he was easy to wake up. He got dressed really quick and soon we was on our way. 

Once we got there I saw Louis in the bed, Harry, Liam , Niall on the side of his bed.

"Okay so what has happened?" Zayn spoke up

"I would love to know Louis...Please tell me"

Louis's POV

" Guys I need to speak to Leah on her own"

They then left the room.

"Okay then come then tell me" Leah spoke up

"Well your cousin Joe knows about us and what we did, he got El's number and text her to tell to watch me"

"Okay but why are you in here?"

"Well I meet up with him in the park and he kinda beat me up"

"Oh right that why I saw your car there then"

"Yep...I'm so sorry" I began to cry at this part

"Don't be sorry and stop crying because you was looking out for your family and I thank you for that" she said while giving me a hug

"Thank you" I said when I finished crying

"Oh Leah yer ...how far are you"

"Well I'm eight months gone and I'm due to next month"

"Good because I can't wait to meet the little one"

Zayn's POV

I wounder what Louis wanted to tell Leah. Why couldn't he have told us , we wouldn't judge him or Leah. I got bored of waiting so me and Niall are off to get something to eat as Niall is hungry no surprise there then.

Niall's POV

Zayn was the only one that would take me for something to eat and I was grateful to him for that. So here we are on our way to the canteen. My mind went back to what Louis could be telling Leah. Why couldn't he tell us. I mean we are all part of the same family or we not.

Harry's POV

After what seemed an hour we was finally let back into the room. During the waiting time Zayn and Niall had come back. We walked in to see Leah saying to Louis that he need to tell us what had happened to him. Louis saw us and opened his mouth , well here goes nothing.

Louis's POV

I need to tell the guys.

"Guys I was beaten up by a lad called Joe in the park. I meet up with him and then he beat me up. That's when I phoned you Harry.

Harry's POV

Now we know what has happened we can move on. Once Louis had said that we all give him a big hug. At least we all know what happened now.

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