APH Water molecule journey

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~Time: about noon

  Place: Below Big Ben in London~

America: Stupid rain, oh well as long as it doesn't get my burger or fries *eats food* but I still can't go beat up England in this weather…. I wonder why it rains?

Italy and Chloe: *playing in puddles without coats on*

Germany: PUT A COAT ON! You’ll get a cold and I don’t know how to handle you with a cold….

Chloe: It’s not like it’s raining acid

Italy: What’s Acid?

Germany:-Italy is so clueless sometimes. Despite all of our lessons he doesn't remember any of them.- Chloe, would you mind explaining to Italy what an acid is? -True she can be incredibly stupid at times but she does have some brains-

Chloe: Yeah! Sure! *turns to Italy* An Acid is a substance with a pH level lower than 7

Italy: What is pH? ve~

Chloe: It’s just a scale to measure how acidic a substance is.

Italy: *still confused* substance?

Chloe: anything really. anything that contains mass I guess.

Germany: -so she is smart, good to know- Well anyways you two should still put on a coat

Italy: Germany, why does it rain?

Germany: *shocked* eh well it’s a long process. Italy why don’t you eat something? It’s about time to eat lunch. The pasta’s in the basket.


Germany: Chloe, can I talk to you?

Chloe: Yeah sure, whats up? *walks over to where Germany is standing*

Germany: Well, as you’ve noticed, Italy isn’t really clear on things around him. I know you practice magic and I was wondering if you can turn you guys into water so you can teach him about the water cycle?

Chloe: won’t you be with us?

Germany: No, I have some things to take care of with Ukraine and Russia. Hopefully prevent another World War.

Chloe: Yeah you kind of owe us for WW2 with the Nazi’s and Hitler *laughs*

Germany: Don’t talk about my past *looks away*

Chloe: sorry, well I can take Italy through the water cycle. Don’t know if he’ll learn anything but get England just in case I screw up. I haven’t exactly done anything like it before….

Germany: Wait, what!

Chloe: *eats quickly* ITALY!!!!

Italy: ve~ *runs over to Chloe* Si?

Chloe: Wanna go on an adventure?

Italy: What kind of adventure?

Chloe: A wet one!

Italy: You mean like with water? *excited*

Chloe: Yep! *casts spell to turn her and Italy into water*

Italy: ve~ *gets turned into water*

Germany: WAIT NOOO!!!

America: *about to take a bite of his burger but gets caught in the spell* huh? *is water* HEY NOT COOL DUDE!

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