Chapter 9

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"I-i-is she really my mate moon goddess?" The alpha said.

It was silent for a few seconds before Celina said

"Not anymore."


Celina turned Me around and started to walk us away from the guys.

"Elise! w-w-waa..." Justin stuttered on his words and though it broke me I didn't look back at him.

I could kind of already imagine what they looked like and I didn't want to see it.

"I'm so sorry my dear sister" Celina said to me. She stopped me and looked into my eyes with such sincerity.

I changed from wolf form to human form not caring if they saw my body.

"I knew my life would never get better what was I thinking. " My voice Hoarse and Raspy from the prior days.

I couldn't help but cry. Their was no way out of this hell I'm living. I sat down at the trunk of a nearby tree I could feel the adrenaline finally out of my system leaving me with a weak body.

Little food, sore body, my mate didn't know I was his, and now I was no longer his. How did I know because I felt a gust of wind pass through my body setting it on fire.

It felt like fire was bursting through EVERY part of my body but yet I was too weak to express the pain my ex mate over there on the other hand was screaming and crying.

Pshhh and to think he could of ever helped. When the pain was gone I no longer felt a bond.

I no longer felt attached no longer had a reason to care or dwell on him so i didn't Victoria followed that action as well and ignored everyone.

I was free, I was one with the woods, the trees, the air. I was also in the middle of the woods with zero I repeat zero clothes on.

I tried to stand up but I was so fragile I fell down to the ground... and landed in mud.

Well at least now I was covered.

I started grunting in pain as I dragged my self to the water nearby. When I finally got in I was in the shallow end.

But I wanted to go in deeper so I pushed myself to get in the water.

Finally after it seemed hours I was able to duck my head under.


When I went under I wasn't in water.

I was in the sky.

I looked down seeing the moon goddess holding back Justin, Chris, Logan and the other men back away from the water saying "let her be"

I was surprised they were fighting her when she was after all Their creator and god.

But then again they just found out their alphas ""mate"" just left him and he didn't even know she was his.

I turned around and... omg I could see everything.

I could see for miles and miles on end.

It was amazing. Then I realized I was on a cloud.

"AHHHHHH" I screamed as I stuck my head in the cloud my eyes closed.

As you can see I have a fear of heights.

When I opened my eyes Celina and all the guys were staring at me like I was insane.

"AHHHhhh uh hh" my scream died down.

"What is all the screaming about child." Celina asked me with a slight confused tone.

I-I-I. I will tell you later.


Later on Celina took my hand and guided me to the area I had camped out in before with the willow and cherry blossom trees.

I'll be honest it was amazing to be back on familiar ground I slowly laid down. Stretching and relaxin in the plush grass.

"Hey Celina?"

"Yes Sister?"

"You know how I was screaming when I came back from under the water?"i said clearing my voice.

"Yes what was that all about?"

"Well when I went under the water I wasn't in the water I was on the clouds" I whispered making sure no one and I mean NO ONE could hear us.

She stopped moving around the grounds and looked at me as she set the fire wood down on some rocks and lightly touched it creating a blazing fire.

She then came over and sat with me

"Well I think that may be one of your passive powers." She said her eyes glazed over as she was in deep thought.

"What's that?"

"Well..." She started "its a power used for advantage but not harming, it's basically a unique thing you can do outside of what you get being a goddess."

"Like how you set that fire?"


I rested on the grass the same grass as before pondering what had happened in the three days since I have left hel- I mean the pack house.

I knew Celina was talking but I wasn't paying attention to a single word spoken.

I have no mate

I have no home

I have nothing


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