James Pov

I woke up the next morning with Angela snuggled close to me. Her head lays on my chest and her arms wrap around my waist. I smile and kiss the top of her head.

Picking her up so I don't wake her I get out of bed and then lay her back down. I gently kiss her lips then get dressed. I throw on my dark blue jeans and grab my black silk button up. Brush my teeth and fix my hair I leave to go to Dr. Strider. Leaving my button up unbuttoned I walk over to his "office".

Without knocking I walk in and see him at his desk writing something. In the cells are people that will be in our army. Well unless they don't die in training.

"Do you have everything prepared for the Recreation?" I ask.

"Ah Sir James! Yes everything is prepared! I have your sword polished and your shield shined." he says with a proud smile.

"Good, make sure that the seat next to my mother is cleared for my slave to sit." I say.

He looks puzzled. "You mean the angel? Oh no no no, sir you don't want to take her there." he says shaking his head and not looking me in the eye.

"Why not?" I ask crossing my arms.

"because, do you want to frighten her when you stab and possibly kill the recruits? It will terrify that poor girl....why don't you just leave her in here? I mean no body can get in but me and she will be safe." he smiles.

The people in the cells gasp about what he said about me stabbing people and a women starts to cry. She looks awful elderly and has a maids uniform on. I remember that she stole bread the day Silvia left. Father was not happy.

"That won't be necessary, I will just leave her with Rachel, Rachel did say she wanted to have a girl day." I say.

"But what if something happens sir?" he asks.

"I will have Seth guard them. That is finale." I say leaving the room.

There is no way I will let him keep her "safe". I know what he does. He rapes half the girls he kidnaps then experiments on them then stuff them down the garbage disposal. Disgusting bastard.

I walk down to Rachel's room and hear her listening to some boy band. I knock on the door.

She walks out with red plaid pj pants and a grey tanktop. Her hair is in a messy bun.

"What do ya want?" she asks leaning against the door frame.

"Can you keep Angela company today? I don't want to leave her alone because I think Dr. Strider knows about us." I whisper the last part.

"What that you and Angela are mates." she whispers.

She found out because she can feel everyone's emotions. She used to hate it because she could never control it but she has gotten better. She never goes to the Recreation center or near the dungeons because she can feel their sorrow and pain.

I nod my head.

"What if he told Satan?" she asks bitting her nails.

"I doubt it, if he found out she would be dead by now.." I say furrowing my eyebrows.

"Ok, yea I can. She can stay in my room and Seth can guard the door." she says.

"That's what I was thinking." I say.

"So what you want me to do?" she asks

"I don't know, girl stuff. Give her a make over or watch TV or anything. Just give her company." I say shrugging my shoulders.

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