Meeting Jason, Getting Coffee

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I woke up still in my grey poofy dress from last night and my phone in my hand. I get up from bed and go brush my teeth and hair. I change into a set if casual clothes that I wear on Sunday which are hoodies and shorts. I choose to go outside to my normal cafe, but left a note for my parents to tell them where I was going since they weren't awake yet. Usually I walk fast, but today was a beautiful day and I was excited like a five year old girl, so I went slow today. Eventually I'm there and see the giant "Coffee House" sign I see on a schedule every Sunday and walk in. My close friend from school and childhood, Jason, works there and sometimes gives me a discount. I went to his register since we would talk for about two minutes and then see each other at school or next week at the cafe. I ordered the same thing every time, but since I ALWAYS came to his register, after awhile he really didn't need me to tell him anymore. That only meant more good talking time. What I normally got was a cheese bagel and an expresso. I got my food and say at the bar with tall chairs to enjoy my delicious bagel and coffee. While half-done with my bagel sandwich, a boy with brown curly hair and blue eyes that looks a couple of years older than me plops right next to me.

"Hey there. I think I saw you at the Gunnars party last night." he said.

"Oh yeah. I forgot about that event, I was texting a friend real late last night." I replied.

"Oh, okay. That's cool. So, what's your name?" he asked.

"My name is Hawk. What's yours?" I say.

"That's an awesome name compared to mine."

"What is it? It can't be THAT bad."

"It's Jason." he sighs.

"That's not a bad name. There are worse names in the world, like Justin Bieber." I protest with a mouthful of bagel.

He laughs and says, "I guess you're right then."

"I have a friend also named Jason. He's really cool and works here too." I reply as I point to him and he waves and smiles back. A navy blue Honda van pulls up to the front of the cafe and honks.

"Uh, well Hawk, I gotta go. Those are my friends waiting outside. Bye!" he yells while running outside holding his doughnut bag and coffee.

"Bye Jason!" I yelled back.

In the car I saw Adam in the driver's seat, Jerome in the front, and a few other people I haven't met yet, but I knew were in Team Crafted. It was ten o' clock. I finished everything I bought and was full. So I chose to take the bus back home. With the spare change I found in the ground and earned from mowing neighbors lawns, I paid for the bus ride. By the time I came home, I felt fast and hyper as my usual self. I went to my room to lay on my bed to relax. Out of the blue, I get a text from Mitch saying, "Wanna meet up at Venice Beach, so then we can ice skate?"

"Sure, I have to walk there from ma house tho" I text back.

"Whatever way is fine as long as you get here" he replies.

"Okay I'll be there probably at around 10:20! Bai"

I grabbed everything I needed, my phone, earbuds, and foreign candies to share with Mitch that I'm pretty sure won't hurt him in anyway. I tip-toed to the front door because my parents still weren't awake, and started to walk toward the city area, away from the residential. On my way there, I started thinking about Jerome. I thought whether to stay near him or not. We hadn't talked that much except for the time my dad introduced us to each other. But there was a feeling in me about him. A bad one. I chose to stay near him because I should get to know him better before I judge him.

Mitch's POV

I actually was at Venice Beach already when I texted Hawk, but who cares? A few of the girls started flirting with me, and since Hawk was coming, I didn't want her to think I liked someone else, so I shot and evil eye and a nasty look at them. I didn't care how long they stayed, the only one for me was Hawk. The flirty girls were shocked, but after all of them left, I had a smile on my face again.

*Meh 20 minute time skip :P*

I finally saw Hawk walking towards me in a Hunger Games T-shirt, denim shorts, black converse, and a beanie. She looked tired. I quickly realized she walked here because she was huffin' and puffin'.

"Hey Mitch." she said.

"Hey girl." I replied.

"I literally walked twenty-five blocks to get here from my house. I'm so exhausted..."

"Well if you are, why don't we grab something at Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea before ice skating?" I asked.

"Are you sure you wanna go there? I heard it's really good, but expensive." she replies in a worried voice.

"I'll do anything for a friend." Wait. Did I just say 'friend'? I hope that doesn't effect things between me and her. We start walking VERY slow so Hawk can catch her breath. I asked about her Hunger Games shirt and said she loved the books and and movies. I was now REALLY interested in her since I played Hunger Games in Minecraft, but I know they'll never be the same. After that conversation faded away, we started talking about Lord of the Rings because I noticed she had a Bilbo "Invisible Ring" replica on her index finger. I actually am a fan and watched all the movies. And when I was in the middle of a comment, I realized we were here and said, "Ah. We're here." We both stood in front of the coffee shop, Hawk with her mouth open in shock, and me just feeling normal as if I was going to Target.

"What are you so surprised at?" I ask.

"Oh I don't know. What about, HOW MANY FRICKIN' PEOPLE HERE?" she says.

"Isn't it normal for you? You've been in front of big crowds. I go here all the time, it's perfect but a bit noisy." I reply.

"Yeah, it's normal."

"Why don't we go in, my lady?" I say in my indubitly voice.

Hawk laughs and snorts, then quickly covers her hands over her mouth and looks from side to side.

"Sorry bout' that Mitch. I only snort when I'm near people that I'm close to." she whispers.

"I guessing that I'm close then, huh?" I say.

"Yeah, you are." She smiles.

"Then let's go get some food and drank!" I shout as I grab her and run under the brick arch doorway.

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