Chapter XV: Us

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Chapter Fifteen: Us.

It's our six months anniversary. And the day I promised I would reveal my secret to Jake. It's quite surreal how much we've grown so accustomed to each other's company that we can barely go a day apart. He's more than my companion in love and my best confidant. He's become my rock without realizing it and without knowing it yet. I barely want to leave this bed. I have no desire nor energy to get out of the comfort of the mattress but Jake is already awake and knowing, he's out there makes me force myself out of it. My guess is he's in the kitchen or the living room. I enter the bathroom, washing my face and following the typical morning routine. When I exit the room in my short PJ shorts and tank top, the smell of breakfast hits me. Jake is setting our fresh plates on the counter. The muscles of his shoulder blades are exposed as he only wears his favorite sweatpants, all worn out from the numerous washings they've gone through. He turns around, his eyes shining as he gives me a smile. He looks so content by just seeing me, my heart doing a small jump. He approaches me, pulling me closer to him by my waist. I move my arms over his neck, playing with his mess of hair. He never bothers to brush it in the morning unless he's going out, sporting the bed hair all day.

"Happy Anniversary." He says before kissing me. It's a gentle, lovely kiss that channels his love for me. I try to show him my love for him despite my lack of energy or desire, kissing him the same way he kisses me. Soft strokes and brushes of his tongue and lips. He pulls away slightly, only enough for our lips to feel each other's nearness. "I love you. Always."

"I love you. Always." I repeat in a whisper. No matter if things don't work out after he finds out, he will always hold a special place in my heart. Despite the baggage his career brings, Jake has always been attentive and vulnerable with me. He has allowed me to see the Jake nobody but his family has seen. Someone who wears his heart on his sleeve, someone who will give you his everything no matter the circumstances. And tonight, I'm allowing myself to be that person with him by revealing the only obstacle between us.

Jake takes my hand in his, guiding and sitting me on one of the breakfast bar stools. "I'll be back in a second." He pecks my lips before heading to the hallway. Seconds later, he returns with a rectangular black velvet box in hand. He opens it, extracting the piece of jewelry and setting the now empty box on the counter. It's a white gold necklace with a precious diamond in shape of a heart as a pendant. Jake moves my hair over my shoulder, bringing the necklace around my neck. He attaches lock before turning the stool around for me to face him. He cups my cheek in one of his hands. "This pendant symbolizes my heart and love. It's a promise of how I'll never cease to love you. Every time you see it, you'll be reminded of how you're the only one that can and will always hold it."

My eyes water at his words due to the emotion and sincerity his eyes hold as he speaks to me, expressing his feelings and thoughts. But they mainly water due to the insecurity and unworthiness I feel of his love for not being sincere with him. I know he won't notice I'm tearing up because of that, due to how good I've become at manipulating and hiding my feelings every time I hit an up or down. I remove his hand from my cheek and hug him tightly, allowing a few tears to escape. It's our six month anniversary but it somehow feels as if we were celebrating a longer period of time together, a bigger milestone in our relationship. He breaks the hug to clean my cheeks with his thumbs. "I didn't get--" I start saying but he interrupts me.

"I've told you this before. I don't get you things expecting to get something back from you. I already get enough and there's nothing more I would ask for no matter if it's materialistic or emotional." Jake states. Gentlemen always feel the need to give barely asking for something to receive. He kisses my forehead, then turning my stool around again as he sits next to me, finalizing the emotional moment. "Let's eat before it turns cold. Then we can watch a couple of movies until late afternoon and get ready." He grins, clearly excited about what he has planned for us tonight. Even in my state, I find myself anticipating what tonight will hold for us.

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