Chapter 16

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Chapter Sixteen

I brought in the last box of my stuff into the apartment. Malli was running around making herself at home, being a maniac. So nothing has really changed.

"It's actually really cute" Austin said with a smile

"Yeah I guess" I laughed, as I opened my box with my bedspread in it.

I pulled out the poofy blanket and threw it over the bed and watched as it floated down to the mattress. Austin laid the pillows across the top and I sighed.

"Hey I have an idea!" Austin shouted with a big smile

"What?" I said raising an eyebrow

"Let's order some food, and we can watch movies all night" he smiled,

"Sounds good. How about you order some pizza and I'll finish unpacking" I smiled, grabbing another box

Austin grabbed his phone and walked out into the kitchen, and I grabbed another box. This one said 'Beauty and bathroom' across the sides. I tore it open and saw that everything was neatly packed, go me. I took my straightening iron, curling iron, and make up bag and put them on my vanity, I then grabbed my shampoo, conditioner and all of those things and took them into my tiny, lame excuse of a bathroom.

"Hey arie, pizzas ordered. Let's take the night off and we can relax" he said with an adorable smile

"Don't have to tell me twice" I said going back into my room, I grabbed my phone and Vera Bradley wallet, "Lets go" I said slipping on Uggs and running outside to Austin's car. I hopped in the passenger and Austin got in the drivers seat. He started the engine and took off.


"I'll never let go jack, I'll never let go." Rose said as she released jacks hand. Letting him sink down.

I wiped away a tear that had escaped from my eyes, and sniffled.

"Something wrong Arie?" Austin asked, poking his head around from behind me

"This movie, it gets me everytime." I chuckled

Austin laughed and looked at his phone. "woah, it's 10:29?! I should get home. We have school tomorrow"

I sighed, "Let's just take the day off. We deserve it" I smiled

"Arie, this is our last week, we have homecoming Saturday and then we are on winter break." he said, being the mature one

"Fine, but don't come crying to me when you're tired tomorrow"

"No promises" he smirked, sliding his shoes on, and then leaving.

I looked around the small house. It wasn't that bad really. There was another room, that isn't a bedroom but it would be a great office space, or closet space. Then it hit me. YouTube. I could start a YouTube channel about things I do in my life, like makeup tutorials, fashion tips, how to style your dogs fur, things like that. I quickly got up and ran into my bedroom, grabbing my laptop and turning it on. I bit my lip as I opened google chrome, and started making my account. My username would be arielleslifffe. I uploaded a selfie I took and there. All I need now is a first video. As I scrolled through all of other videos, I came across one that made my heart completely stop. Austin Mahones song '11 11'. He had 1,000,000 views. I sat there and couldn't find how to breathe. He had been super famous on YouTube and never told me... Time for me to make my stardom a secret as well. Hello YouTube.


So yeah, short chapter. I hate this chapter, it sucks balls. But soon I'm posting a new book 'Break Free' and it's way better. It's about Jack Gilinsky, but also the rest of magcon will be in it. I have some recommendations for you!

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So you guys should read any of these books! they're really good. so, you better vote byatttch ;*

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